Administration services

We can advise you regarding compliance regulations, issues of flag state, classification societies, vessel certificates and licenses. Company ownership structures can be recommended, including the assessment of insurance liabilities and coverage and administrate any claims on behalf of the yacht or the crew. An annual survey and report on the yachts status will be prepared at request.


Considering the wide choice of flag states and many factors involved in making your selection, we are here to assist you in making the best possible decision for the specific circumstances of your yacht. Assistance is provided with the following:

  1. Appropriate flag state selection
  2. Assembling the relevant certifications and documents

Regulatory compliance

We can advise and assist captains and owners with the regulatory paperwork and accurate compliance solutions can be formulated for your yacht. Your yacht must comply with the following:

  • list is being created…


Yachting industry requires very specific arrangements for the provision of marine insurance. We are able to make recommendations of insurance coverage by specialist companies appropriate for the owner’s requirements and the yacht’s operation. Below is a brief outline of what protection categories usually include:

  1. Physical Damage Coverage – covering the accidental loss of damage to the boat and its machinery, equipment and personal effects
  2. Liability Coverage – coverage for a variety of issues that are important: damage to other property, vessels or injury to persons on or off the yacht, Pollution liability and Employers liability
  3. Personal Accident and Medical – coverage can apply to crew and guests for medical expenses for both injury and illness, and to provide compensation in the event of a permanent or temporary disability
  4. Charter Risk – if applicable, this could cover cancellation and charterer’s liability

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