Sanlorenzo – Launching poker



The season continues in full swing as Sanlorenzo launched four new yachts to deliver them to the new owners before the start of the summer season and holidays.

Within a few weeks, they put into water four vessels over 24 meters in length: 2 models SL96 (29.10 meters), the 21° navetta SD92 (27.6 meters) and the second yacht of the new line SD112 (33.65 meters) inaugurated a few months ago.

All launched yachts have had their interior designed to suit the individual needs and wishes of their owners, fitting them with technological improvements and cabin refits.


Sanlorenzo SL96-606 “India”

01-SanlorenzoSL96-606_India copy



Sanlorenzo SL96-611 “Peacemaker”

02-SanlorenzoSL96-611_Peacemaker copy


Sanlorenzo SD92-33 “Noor”

03-SanlorenzoSD92-33_Noor copy


Sanlorenzo SD112-35 “Aventus”

04-SanlorenzoSD112-35_Aventus copy

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