Imagine yourself on a luxury yacht charter surrounded by the scenic beaches, the scent of the pine trees mixed with fresh sea air, and landscapes full of legends, history, tradition, and gastronomic delights waiting to be discovered near the unique Šibenik archipelago. Crystal clear lagoons, secluded bays, breathtaking sunsets – that’s the vacation you deserve.

 If you are considering exploring the Croatian islands and coastline in the Šibenik area, here are the top 7 destinations you should visit.

UNESCO Heritage Sites: St Nicholas' Fortress and St Jacob’s Cathedral

St Nicholas fortress by Boris Kačan

Šibenik is a very rare town that has not one but two UNESCO heritage sites. It is considered one of the oldest Croatian towns. St Nicholas’ Fortress is the most massive fort on the Croatian coastline and a part of the Venetian Works of Defence collective. Its main purpose was to prevent Turkish ships from reaching the port and it is connected to the mainland only by a narrow passage. You can admire the fortress from your yacht as it is the first sight you’ll see while entering 1.5 NM long st Anthony channel leading to Sibenik.

St. Jacob’s Cathedral was included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000. Its grandiose architecture was under the influence of Northern Italy. The cathedral was the forerunner of construction using the technique of interconnected stone plates that were in that case introduced 4 centuries before its popularization. You can berth your yacht just a few steps away from the Cathedral and explore this unique masterpiece of art.

Good to know: St. Jacob’s Cathedral and its hallways and labyrinths have become crowded with tourists after the Game of Thrones series since it was the filming location and the place to represent the Iron bank.

Small Island of Zlarin - A Hidden Gem

The first associations of Zlarin are red corals and hospitable inhabitants. This is an outstanding little island with 2700 sunny hours annually with both pristine nature and cultural heritage. Harvesting of red corals has been a cherished tradition of Zlarin for 600 years, which is why today the island is known as “coral island.” There is a museum and coral shop that makes and sells handmade coral jewellery. Could be a nice souvenir from your Croatian yacht charter holiday.  

Good to know: Zlarin is an environmentally conscious place – motor vehicles are prohibited.

Zipline at the Čikola Canyon

Zipline at the Čikola canyon near Šibenik is 1.4km long cable mounted on a slope that will offer you a spectacular bird’s eye view of a gorgeously wild tributary of the Krka river – Čikola river. Čikola canyon is one of the most popular spots for climbing in Croatia, settled near the Krka National Park.

You can take your pick from three lines – 250, 500, and 650 m in length, and indulge in an adventure of speeding up to 70 km/h or slow down to enjoy unparalleled landscapes around you. The whole ride takes about 60–90 minutes and it’s a great way to explore nature in all its glory. 

Good to know: Zipline at Čikola Canyon is also available for kids.

Charming Place to Wander: Skradin & Krka Waterfalls

Skradinski buk by Antonio Gosipić, source: Sibenik-Knin Tourist Board

The cruise from Šibenik to Skradin is exceptional. You'll pass under the Šibenik bridge surrounded by gorgeous cliffs and then enter into the Prokljan lake where the cold water of the Krka mixes with the sea. After crossing the lake, you'll arrive at Skradin.

Skradin is a starting point to visit Krka National Park in a private tour where visitors can enjoy untouched nature with its eight hundred and sixty species and subspecies of plants and breathtaking scenery – waterfalls and walking trails. This itinerary includes guided panoramic tours, snacks and special sightseeing – Slapovi Krke, Skradinski buk, Roški slap.

Skradinski buk is the longest waterfall on the Krka River and a national treasure when it comes to the natural beauties of Croatia.

Good to know: Take an optional tour from Skradinski buk to Visovac island - it is definitely worth seeing. Due to its exceptional value, Visovac island has been attracting visitors, pilgrims and tourists sightseeing of islet, Franciscan monastery, church, and museum.

Exquisite Wine Tasting Experience

Speaking of Skradin, this is the place to spend more time experiencing the ultimate hedonistic adventure – Bibich winery. It is a family-owned boutique winery with a 500 long tradition of winemaking. This friendly place for both family and couples offers a gastronomic journey with wine and food matching.


Bibich winery is located in Plastovo near Skradin, so be sure to make a reservation in advance and stop by for gourmet appetizers or 5-course lunch. And if you are not certain which wine will suit you best, their staff made of wine connoisseurs will guide you through divine indigenous varieties of the area. After this visit, you will understand why the late Anthony Bordain, celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian, in his famous episode of No Reservations called “Coastal Croatia'' praised Bibich wines and local specialities on their menu.

Good to know: The winery is open from late April to late October, essentially the tourist season in Croatia, but meals are only served at the peak of Summer.

Fine Dining Experience With a Michelin Star

Photo by Pelegrini Konoba & Vinoteka

The Šibenik area is a real treat when it comes to food and wine. If discovering new tastes is your passion, then modern cuisine combined with rich Dalmatian heritage will not leave you indifferent. Pelegrini, a one Michelin star restaurant, is the place where you will be wined and dined. Among the 14 offered dishes, you are free to create your ideal 4-course meal with wine pairing.

Good to know: Pelegrini is the most awarded Croatian restaurant.

Bavljenac Island - a Fingerprint Island

Bavljenac island in Sibenik archipelago, photo by Boris Kacan

Bavljenac is a tiny island, only a half of kilometre long, situated in the Šibenik archipelago between islands Kaprije and Zmajan. It was used for agriculture by the inhabitants of neighbouring Kaprije island, who grew grapevines and fruit. Today, there are no grapes or fruits, but what's left is a labyrinth of dry stone walls built to make space for the plants and protect the crops from the strong winds. The stone walls measure 24km and, when seen from above, look like a human fingerprint, thanks to its oval shape. Charter a yacht from Šibenik and pass by this unique island. 

Good to know: Don't forget to take some photos for your Instagram feed!

Your Dream Yacht for Charter in This Area

Whether you are planning an island hopping, a relaxing vacation with your family, or partying with your friends, we have an extensive range of yachts for an unmatched tailored-made experience. 

The newest addition to our fleet, Friend’s Boat Ferreti Navetta 26 is a 26 m long charter yacht based in Marina Mandalina located in the town of Šibenik. It offers interior and exterior space expected on a much larger yacht ensuring the luxury and the highest levels of service provided by the professional crew.

Navetta 26 FRIEND'S BOAT for charter

Bollinger 66’ Azimut Magellano is also available for charter and equipped with all the superyacht luxuries. It is currently based in the port of Tribunj and is convenient for charter in Croatia and Montenegro. It offers an oversized open deck above the bridge on the cabin roof, jacuzzi, superb performance and glamorous contemporary lines. Bollinger can accommodate up to 8 guests 

Azimut Magellano 66 BOLLINGER

If you are intrigued by Šibenik highlights, know that there is much more - this is just a hint. The lovely medieval town of Šibenik surrounded by unspoiled nature, lush and authentic spots that hide unprecedented experiences is waiting for you. Adventurous getaway or relaxing charter holiday - it is up to you. Feel free to contact our yacht charter specialist for more details – our team of experts in this area will be pleased to arrange unforgettable personalized journeys for you.