They say that real luxury is whatever best suits you. That could mean royal treatment for one person, unmatched seclusion for another, and absolute opulence for someone else. But for families who enjoy holidaying at sea, real luxury means chartering a yacht with your kids. 

Contrary to popular belief, luxury yacht charters don’t have to be limited to adults. You’d be surprised at how many yachts today are fully equipped to accommodate you and your family, no matter what type of cruise you have in mind or what age group you’re taking along. There is no reason why you shouldn’t bring the kids for the ultimate summer vacation at sea, and while you may still be hesitant, we’re here to help squash any doubts about your next yacht charter with a toddler in tow. 

First things first - which yacht is best with a toddler? 

Once you decide to bring the kids on your next yacht holiday, you’ll be tasked with the question of all questions - which is the best family yacht to fit your needs? While the choice is up to you, you should consider a few things when deciding on the best yacht for your family. 

Take sailing yachts, for example. While they are a great option for families with older kids, they are less comfortable and are not recommended when cruising with toddlers or babies. Crewed catamarans, on the other hand, are more expansive with two hulls, meaning more stability at sea with fewer seasick family members to care for. However, catamarans are slower, adding up even more sailing time, which isn’t the best option for small children. When choosing this option, don’t forget that a sea net is a mandatory requirement, and you’ll need to arrange one with your charter consultant before your trip. 

If it isn’t a sailing yacht or catamaran, which type of yacht is best for your family?

Crewed motor yachts! Offering the most flexibility, we recommend hiring your motor yacht with a full crew, allowing you the freedom to move around and enjoy genuine holiday time with your kids. Our motor yachts generally offer larger cabins; most master cabins even have room to set up a crib, too! Even so, it’s best to check the dimensions of each room with your broker before booking.

Navetta 26 Friend's Boat_Interior_Master cabin_Main deck2_YACHT IN.jpg
Navetta 26 Friend's Boat - Master cabin

Friend’s Boat: This is the best option when two families are on board, with two double cabins of a similar size (around 21 sqm) that can easily accommodate cribs. The yacht is stable and offers lots of space. The crew is also kid-friendly with children of their own, meaning they know how to handle every situation!

Did we mention that motor yachts are faster, too? Not only does this make it much easier to plan your itinerary, but you can reach each island destination or shore in no time in case the kids are fussy when cruising. 

Most importantly, safety is paramount on motor yachts, with many equipped with a stabilization system to control the roll on the water while at anchor or when cruising. Don’t worry; our charter consultants will consider this when helping you find the best family-friendly yacht for charter. And don’t forget to ask your broker about motor yachts with the best shaded outdoor areas and awnings to hide from the sun! While the summertime sun is fun, it can also be draining and put a damper on the trip for you and the kids. 

ANETTA, custom 40m SY_12.jpg
Anetta - 40m motor sailer

Anetta: This extra spacious yacht offers large cabins and outdoor spaces convenient for a family vacation.

Now that you’ve chosen your yacht - what’s next?

Once you’ve chosen your yacht, our charter specialist is your new go-to to help you plan the perfect vacation. In doing so, we will send over a "preference sheet" or a standard form on luxury yacht charters, which will help us get to know you and your family better. Once you’ve listed your preferences on board, we’ll pass this information on to the captain, and the crew will take care of all provisions. Once you’re on board, you’re all set. 

But what about childproofing your yacht? 

Easy! Our yachts are already child safe, though there are some additional safety precautions we’d recommend. Safety nets, for example, are great to run around the perimeter of the yacht to ensure your child has no way of falling overboard, which is especially important when choosing a catamaran. And while yachts are already a safe space for kids, we always recommend that your toddlers wear a life jacket while on board as an extra precaution. To ensure the safety of all passengers on board, our yachts are equipped with life jackets of various sizes for both adults and children. However, it is important to note that the availability and sizing of infant life jackets may vary between yachts and should be confirmed with our charter specialists before departure. Infant life jackets are designed with added features such as head cushions and secure straps to prevent them from slipping off. When selecting a life jacket for your baby, it is essential to choose one that fits snugly and comfortably to ensure maximum protection. Find the perfect size with us!


What if your baby needs special foods?

We understand that young children come with special requirements, but that shouldn't hinder you from changing your lifestyle when cruising the coast. After booking your yacht, our charter consultants are readily available to answer any of your questions and fulfill any special requests you may need on board. Whether it's baby formula or baby food, we are happy to supply your yacht with whatever is necessary to ensure you and your family have everything they need to make your holiday worry free. 

Going to restaurants with children can also bring challenges, but with your private chef on board, you can relax and have your needs catered to just how you like them. To ensure that your children can dine comfortably, your charter consultant will collect all important notes about them in advance, from medical conditions to allergies and their favorite meals. 

And if you need a crib, feeding chair, or baby bathtub?

We can get that, too! We aim to ensure you and the family can enjoy a stress-free holiday at sea, and traveling with less equipment certainly plays a big part in your happiness. Whether you need a baby crib in the master cabin, a feeding chair so your toddler can join you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a baby bathtub, or water equipment like a mini pool on the deck and swim vests - we have you covered. 


What about needing a nanny or babysitter?

While our team works hard to make your family feel at home, our crew members will be too busy to babysit on board. Should you require a nanny or babysitter for an extra hand during your charter week, it’s best to arrange this service before your travels. Our charter consultants will provide a local nanny at your request. 

What should you pack for a yacht charter with a toddler? 

Let’s start with the basics. While it’s always important to pack enough diapers and swimmers to last through your trip, keeping your kid’s favorite items on deck, like their favorite toys, books, and games, is also wise. We’d also recommend packing appropriate clothing for a week at sea, from the obvious summer attire like water shoes and hats to long sleeves and light jackets for those breezier summer nights. 

Baby yacht charter.png

What about first aid kits?

Our yachts are equipped with various basic medicines, including seasickness tablets, allergy medication, aspirin, insect repellent, sunscreen, and more. However, bringing specific and less commonly available items with you is highly recommended, as some destinations on your charter route may be limited with options.

How should you plan your charter route?

When sailing with small children, we’d recommended planning a charter route with shorter cruising distances. Avoid the open seas and keep your itinerary short and sweet if the weather turns sour. You’ll thank us later! 

Who said cruising with kids is hard? 

Sailing with young children may come with a few extra precautions, though getting them acquainted with the sea from a young age is always a good idea. Don’t forget that our charter consultants are here for you every step of the way to ensure a worry-free time at sea with your family and to find the perfect yacht for your family’s next yacht charter vacation!