Among other things, Croatia is known for its many wine varieties, both inland and along the coast. If you find yourself on our coast, wine tasting should be a part of every true gastronomic experience and we recommend it wholeheartedly. The Croatian coast offers a large selection of wineries that you can visit, from modern and luxurious estates where you will have a complete experience that is second to none, all the way to small family cellars where you will experience local food and fine wines in an intimate atmosphere. We have put together a list of 9 wine tasting experiences you might want to include in your yacht charter itinerary.

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Kozlović Winery, Buje

This family-run winery is located in Istria, near the Slovenian border. Their century-old tradition is based on a single promise - quality. Kozlović Winery is an impressive modern building that has blended perfectly with the surrounding landscape and can be found in the prestigious "Sommeliers Heaven – The Greatest Wine Cellars of the World” book. The roofed terrace overlooking the valley is the perfect spot to taste some of the award-winning wines that put the Kozlović family name on the world map.

Kozlović Winery

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Bale

Meneghetti is a recognizable name in the hotel and enogastronomic scene and a member of the world's prestigious group Relais & Chateaux. They have been pushing the boundaries and raising the bar of quality in every aspect for two decades. The luxurious estate is a perfect blend of modern and traditional style, surrounded by green vineyards. The combination of location, microclimate, and unique red soil (terra rossa) is the secret of the creation of top Meneghetti wines that you can taste in this unique ambient. Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery offers a selection of wine tasting experiences for groups and individuals.

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery

Visit Kozlović Winery and Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery as a part of North Dalmatia Yacht Charter Itinerary. 

BIBICh, Plastovo Skradin

BIBICh boutique winery is located in the heart of Dalmatia, the most magnificent Croatian wine region. Their wines can be found all across the globe in some of the finest restaurants, from New York to Tokyo. BIBICh brand name is well-known among wine lovers. Alen Bibic will greet you in their beautifully decorated courtyard, where you can taste their famous Debit and R6, paired with some sensational cuisine. 

BIBICh Winery

Baraka Winery, Jadrija

Baraka is another family-owned boutique winery located in the same region. Baraka family is focused on making terroir-driven fine wines. Their winery is built in stone, in authentic Dalmatian style, and it is surrounded by over 4 hectares of vineyards. This is the perfect setting to taste some of their top-notch wines. Their wines are a confirmation that the Šibenik area consistently produces many good labels.

Baraka Vineyard

Visit Baraka & BIBICh Winery as a part of Central Dalmatia Yacht Charter Itinerary.

Stina, Bol, Brač

Under the roof of the first Dalmatian Wine Cooperative, in the heart of Bol, you can find Stina winery. Stina is a Dalmatian word for “rock”, a symbol of Brač island. The land of Brač is interwoven with stone, it is inscribed in every part of life on the island. The sparse land, full of stone, is not the place where you would expect to find the beautiful vineyards from which these wines come. The production takes place on the waterfront, in the winery, which you can witness for yourself. Stina is a pure, monosortic wine, defiant in its creation, full of love at every tasting. 

Stina Winery

Duboković, Jelsa, Hvar

Duboković Winery is a small family winery, but the range of their wine labels is wide and everyone can find something for themselves. Ivo Duboković is known to be a very versatile winemaker with more than 20 years of winemaking experience behind him, and he likes to say that his wines are not “photoshopped”. Ivo hosts intimate candlelit wine tasting events in his family cellar from 1939 in Jelsa, Hvar. You should not miss the opportunity to try Medvid, the first label he ever produced, made from the highest quality grapes that can be found on the island of Hvar. 

Duboković Winery

Tomić Wine, Jelsa, Hvar

Winemaking is a centuries-old tradition of Hvar Island, dating back to Ancient Greeks. Andro Tomić dedicated his whole life to winemaking and enology, after 20 years of international professional experience, it was a logical choice to come back to his native island. He strives to reclaim the long-lost reputation of island Hvar in the winemaking world. With the most sunny days of all the islands in Croatia, its exceptional vineyard positions and many authentic varieties, Hvar has all the prerequisites to create top-quality wines. 

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Tomić family Winery

Saint Hills, Pelješac

Saint Hills Winery is located on the southernmost Croatian peninsula of Pelješac, their vineyards are each named after a different saint. This famous wine-making region served as a perfect backdrop for an old stone house “Vinaria”, untouched so it could tell its story of tradition. This small family boutique winery offers a unique experience of wine tasting. The owners will gladly present you their Croatian wines made from native varieties like Dingač and Plavac mali. Visit Saint Hills and they will tell you a story about their love for life, family, and of course - wine. 

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Saint Hills - Vinaria
Saint Hills - Vinaria

Miloš, Pelješac

The hills of Pelješac peninsula are a habitat of one of the most famous Croatian varieties, Plavac mali. These beautiful hills are interwoven with vineyards that serve as proof of the hard work and dedication of the locals. Pelješac winegrowers created a home for this important variety by working in very difficult conditions. This land, full of rocks, is also the home of Miloš family. Grape and wine production is in their family DNA, and they base their production on Plavac mali. The quality of their wine has been drawing attention from both domestic and international wine circles, praised for their unique production and complete understanding of Plavac mali and its natural surroundings. Miloš Winery is a place where true passion and expertise meet, and the fruits of their work are most appreciated when shared.

Miloš Vineyards

Visit these wineries as a part of the Southern Dalmatia Yacht Charter Itinerary.

Elevate your luxury yacht charter experience and visit one of these amazing places, full of tradition and love for the ancient craft of winemaking. Contact Yacht IN’s charter specialist for your tailor-made vacation.