It is a privilege to share with you the success story that is hidden behind the Yacht IN walls.

It is time to reveal to the world something that started out as a hobby and as a friendly favour but which has evolved into our new product range - bespoke mobile workshop containers - built to high-end super-yacht standards.

Well, we are already known for our high-quality custom-built workshop/logistics/storage containers, first and foremost by sailing professionals - our friends, partners and clients from Melges 20 and 32 Class, Farr 40 Class, 52 Super Series, ClubSwan 50 Class and the unique Wally Class.

The story started during the full racing set up of Wally 80 "S/Y Nahita" when we ran into a wall because we did not have any producers who could accommodate our requirements in terms of building a fully customized mobile workshop as well as a mobile logistics storage container. Certainly, there are quite a few companies on the market who build custom containers but they did not meet our criteria and this led to the idea to build our own system. This proved to be a good decision because we managed to make something that the owner and crew can utilize completely, making their race life much easier and more comfortable.

Workshop container, built by Yacht IN for Wally 80 "S/Y Nahita" competed in Wally Class from 2015 to 2017

Along the way, during the first race season, the containers were recognized as Yacht IN’s work, and received an increasing number of compliments wherever we landed them.

From Sardinia, St. Tropez to Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, our work got a thumbs up, resulting in the production and full customization of other containers.

Today we are proud to show you our first commercial, custom-built workshop container, built for Swan 50 "S/Y Stella Maris" competing in ClubSwan 50 Class. This container has been built with a dual purpose in mind and we have managed to build both workshop and storage in a single container, not losing any precious space, practicality or comfort.

Workshop container, built by Yacht IN for Swan 50 "S/Y Stella Maris" competing in ClubSwan 50 Class.

Yacht IN is a boutique yachting company specialized in yacht sales & charter, and 360-degree yacht management, extending to race & regatta management. All this has impacted the definition and philosophy of our new product range - high-end custom built workshop/logistics/storage containers.

We build our containers using our extensive experience and know-how as yacht managers, sailors and shipping agents. Basically, we know all sides of the story involved in building a successful product, such as a high-end custom-built workshop/logistics/storage container and what's even more important we build them with other important things in mind - how they will be used and handled in light of their specific nature. They are large and offer ample space, their format is standard but they are easy to transport. 

We are able to go beyond the container’s standard specifications to deliver what our clients need.

For more info feel free to contact our team.