Nestled along the stunning Dalmatian coast of Croatia, the historic city of Split beckons travelers with its captivating blend of ancient architecture, bustling local culture, and awe-inspiring natural scenery. For those in search of an unforgettable Adriatic escapade, a yacht charter in Split offers the ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in the charm of this enchanting region and uncover the myriad wonders of the city and its surrounding islands.
Yacht Charter Split
City of Split, photo credit: Boris Kačan

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Recognised as the premier yachting hub in Croatia, Split stands as the quintessential starting or concluding point for most charters, strategically positioned to facilitate exploration of the entire Dalmatian coastline, including seamless access to Dubrovnik to the south and Zadar to the north.

Explore the Historic Beauty of Split

As you glide along the shimmering Adriatic waters, the ancient cityscape of Split unfolds before you, revealing a tapestry of centuries-old landmarks and cultural treasures. At the heart of Split lies the magnificent Diocletian's Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its grandeur and historical significance. The Roman Emperor Diocletian built this sprawling complex in the 4th century AD, after all. Marvel at the palace's well-preserved Roman architecture, stroll through its labyrinthine alleys, and immerse yourself in the history that permeates its walls.

When standing in the middle of Peristyle, admire the towering spires of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, a symbol of Split's enduring spiritual heritage. You can even climb the bell tower for panoramic views of the city and the sparkling Adriatic beyond. From the palace quarters, cruise to the iconic Riva promenade, lined with bustling cafes and elegant Venetian-style buildings, and soak in the energetic atmosphere of this lively waterfront district. Charming squares and bustling markets dot the entire Split cityscape, inviting you to embrace a dose of local life.

Local Gastronomy - Places to Visit

A visit to Split isn't truly complete without indulging in the region's rich culinary heritage. Dive into the heart of traditional Dalmatian cuisine at one of the city's inviting konobas, such as Konoba Fetivi, where you can delight in mouthwatering specialties like peka—a succulent slow-cooked meat or seafood dish prepared 'under the bell,' infusing it with unparalleled flavor and tenderness. Alternatively, savor the complexity of pašticada, a marinated beef stew served atop a bed of pillowy gnocchi, offering a symphony of tastes and textures that tantalize the palate. For those seeking a refined dining experience, immerse yourself in the world of gastronomic excellence at Split's esteemed fine dining establishments.

Yacht Charter Croatia
Photo credit: Restaurant ZOI Split

An extraordinary culinary journey awaits you at renowned venues such as Šug, Krug, ZOI, Zrno Soli, and Kadena, all of which have received Michelin recommendations. At Šug, prepare to be captivated by a creative and innovative interpretation of Croatian cuisine that fuses tradition with unexpected twists. The emphasis on seasonal ingredients ensures that you will be treated to the freshest and most flavorful dishes. Meanwhile, Krug, meaning "circle" in Croatian, offers a comprehensive fine dining experience where meticulously crafted dishes are not only exquisite in taste but also presented with artistic flair. This transforms your meal into an aesthetically pleasing feast. Restaurant ZOI will transport you to a world of exquisite flavors by elevating traditional Mediterranean cuisine to new heights. The expertly prepared dishes celebrate natural ingredients from the region and are presented with simplicity and elegance. Seafood aficionados will delight in the offerings at Zrno Soli, meaning "grain of salt" in Croatian, where the freshest catches from the Adriatic Sea are expertly prepared using traditional techniques and infused with modern creativity. Finally, Kadena invites you to indulge in a taste of luxury in a sophisticated setting, offering sumptuous meat dishes and other delectable creations carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients and refined cooking methods.

These are just a taste of the exceptional culinary experiences that await you in Split's upscale dining scene. With each bite, you'll discover the passion, creativity, and artistry that define Split's finest restaurants.

Famous Wineries to Visit Around Split

Venture beyond the city walls and embark on a journey through the sun-drenched vineyards of the islands Hvar and Brač. This odyssey, curated by your personal broker, takes you across the picturesque landscapes of the islands Hvar and Brač, where renowned wineries promise a sensory experience unlike any other.

Begin your adventure at the esteemed Tomić Winery in Jelsa on Hvar Island. Here, a legacy of excellence unfolds as you explore their exquisite wines. Crafted from indigenous grape varieties, each sip captures the island's unique terroir. As you continue your exploration, venture to Zlatan Otok Winery, perched atop dramatic cliffs overlooking the Adriatic. Renowned for their exceptional Plavac Mali, a robust red synonymous with the region, Zlatan Otok offers a taste of Croatia's rich winemaking heritage.

Next, set sail for the island of Brač. Nestled amidst idyllic vineyards, discover the hidden gem – Duboković Winery. Here, meticulously crafted wines await, ranging from crisp whites to robust reds. Each sip reflects Duboković's dedication to both tradition and innovation. Your winery expedition culminates at the iconic Stina Winery, where tradition meets modernity in every bottle. Set against the backdrop of Brač's rugged coastline, indulge in exclusive tastings that capture the island's unique microclimate and limestone-rich soil.

At each of these esteemed wineries, not only will you savor their signature wines, but you'll also be captivated by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them. Create memories that will last a lifetime as you embark on this unforgettable journey, expertly crafted by your knowledgeable broker.

Nearby Islands to Visit on Your Split Yacht Charter

In addition to wine tastings, the paradise that is Hvar and Brač offers an array of experiences. Your captain and broker will craft the perfect itinerary, guiding you through a constellation of enchanting islands. Make sure to include Vis in your plans, as this hidden gem is not to be missed.

Yacht Charter Split
Pakleni Islands, Hvar, photo credit: Boris Kačan

Immerse yourself in the glamorous atmosphere of Hvar, ascend the Spanish fortress for breathtaking views of the archipelago (a perfect photo opportunity), explore the secluded coves of the Pakleni Islands, embark on a kayak tour, visit the famous Red Rocks, and partake in water sports amidst lush green hills.

On the island of Brač, experience the iconic Zlatni Rat, a picturesque white-sand beach that changes shape with the tides, unique in the world. Escape the bustling crowds aboard your private yacht and unwind in the tranquil beauty of Lovrečina Bay. Explore Bobovišća Bay near Milna and dine at Budikovac Restaurant for a true taste of local cuisine.

Delve into the island's rich history at Fort George on the island of Vis and uncover ancient ruins and wartime tunnels. Want to delve deeper? Your broker can arrange an unforgettable History and Adventure/Off-road tour. Buckle up for an exhilarating Land Rover jeep ride, uncovering hidden corners of the island on this exclusive adventure. To truly captivate your Vis experience, don't miss the mesmerizing Blue Cave. Take a boat trip to neighboring Biševo Island and witness sunlight transform the cave's waters into an ethereal sapphire spectacle.

Reflecting on Your Split Yacht Charter Vacation

A Split yacht charter promises an unparalleled voyage, where ancient history meets culinary delights and breathtaking landscapes. Reflect on your adventure, forever cherishing the memories of exploring Split's historic streets, indulging in Dalmatian delicacies, and cruising to hidden island gems.

Yacht Charter Split
Luxury Yacht Charter Split


What is the Ideal Yacht for a Luxurious Charter Experience in Split?

Both motor yachts and motorsailers offer a luxurious and comfortable Split charter experience. Motor yachts provide speed and agility, allowing you to explore the islands quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, motorsailers blend the adventure of sailing and modern amenities, perfect for those who prefer a more leisurely pace and the thrill of harnessing the wind.

What are the Must-Try Local Seafood Dishes in Split?

No exploration of Split nor Dalmatia is complete without indulging in the region's delectable seafood cuisine. Brace yourself for a symphony of flavors, from the hearty "brudet," a fish stew brimming with the freshest Adriatic catches, to the visually stunning "crni rižot," a decadent black risotto infused with cuttlefish ink. Sample the simplicity of perfectly grilled Adriatic squid, its charred surface drizzled with fragrant olive oil. And for a true Dalmatian culinary masterpiece, savor "Škampi na buzaru," succulent Adriatic prawns cooked to perfection in a white wine, garlic, and tomato sauce.

Yacht Charter Split
Photo credit: Konoba Kadena, Split

This meticulously crafted Split yacht charter itinerary is just the beginning. Let us curate a bespoke adventure that surpasses your expectations and creates memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us now to book your journey!

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