It’s the beginning of a new era for the big outboards with Mercury replacing the legendary Mercury Verado L6 with the Mercury 350-400 V10 Verado. The newly developed engine shares the same philosophy with theV6, V8 and V12 that Mercury launched the last 5 years. Naturally aspirated engines with big displacement and great torque but on the other hand great efficiency and lightweight construction.

Ribco was one of the first RIB shipyards who installed the 400s and we choose for the first application our best seller Seafarer 36 X. The result was great as expected. The performance of the engines is on a higher level with great punch from the idle until the rev limit of 6400 rpm. The sound of the V10 is a sound in the ears with low noise levels.

In terms of performance the boat is faster in any case without consuming more compare to the Mercury Verado L6. The top speed is 60,6 knots and the consumption at 40 knots is 2,6 lt/m. In terms of sea keeping ability the smooth ride remains unchanged but the stability at high speed is even better than before.

Ribco Seafarer 36 X & Mercury 400 V10 Verado

No compromise

Seafarer 36 X is the result of continuous development which started 10 years ago when the “Seafarer 36” was originally launched. On 2020 brand’s best seller celebrates 10 years of success story with a new innovative model. The “Seafarer 36 X” takes to another level the category of +10m RIB. The deck is completely new. Two cabins, two sunbeds, two rows of seats, WC, T-Top from carbon, wet bar and a couch are all included. The well-known hull is there with the development in the set up resulting in better efficiency, higher speeds and maximum safety. It’s the perfect combination of many different characteristics that its not easy to find in one RIB together.

Ribco Seafarer 36 X & Mercury 400 V10 Verado


SEAFARER 36 X / 2x Mercury Verado 400 V10 

Pitch: 25

Gear Ratio: 2.08/1

Fuel: 300 lt

Water: 50 lt

No. of people: 3

Weather: 3 bf

Equipment: Fully Rigged

Props: Revolution 4X

Rpm (7).png

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