Does your hectic workday have you dreaming about getting your mates together and going big game fishing? Fantasizing about drifting away from the city bustle in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea on a private yacht charter? Tired of everyday struggles and the only fight you would prefer right now is with a tuna you are trying to catch in the fishing net?

Why don’t you gather the guys, grab refreshing summer cocktails on the sun deck, enjoy a full-course feast prepared for you by a private chef, try some popular adrenaline sports, have an energizing swim in a hidden cave, and explore the party scene along the Croatian coastline?

If this is your version of paradise, the following lines are what you are looking for.

Ultimate Vacation for a Group of Friends or Co-Workers

Whether it's a group of friends or work colleagues, it's hard to imagine a better men's get-together experience than chartering a luxury yacht with a jacuzzi, water toys, wine tasting tours, and all the equipment needed for recreational fishing intended for large saltwater fish.

Why Does a Yacht Charter Make a Great Team-Building Trip?

If you have considered a private yacht charter as a team-building event for your employees or business partners, this is an active holiday at its best. Snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, cruising on the underwater scooters, you name it – private yacht charter has it all and we at Yacht IN can arrange all those cool activities for you and your group.

Private yacht charter and tuna fishing in Croatia will strengthen your team in a more meaningful and deeper way. Surrounded by luxurious facilities and amazing nature, spending quality time at the same venue together will make you get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere. When it comes to big game fishing, each team member has a role, everyone works together so that strong bonds are created, and logical thinking is needed. Reward your team with a big game fishing in Croatia on a luxury yacht charter and you will see improvements and impressive results in open communication, teamwork, and mutual understanding.

What Does it Look Like to Spend a Day on a Big Game Fishing with a Private Yacht Charter?

Firstly, Big game fishing is not about peace and quiet, it’s a man’s fight against the forces of nature. So, what do you need? An adequate boat, a captain with fish-finding expertise, cutting-edge technology based on echo sounding, and a little luck.

Skimmer (165).jpg

What to expect when going on a big game fishing trip in Croatia? Well, expect adrenaline, beautiful nature, and a whole day of fun. Bear in mind that big game fishing can last for about 10 hours and that you will learn on the go – the captain will show you how to use the equipment, how to react when the fish bites, and how to get it on the deck. You will get to know all the procedures and techniques needed for fishing big predators – amberjack, bluefin tuna, and swordfish. Arm yourself with patience, and don’t let go when the rod starts shaking. You should know that all the fish caught are supposed to be released after capture.

Adriatic Bluefin Tuna

Tuna season in Croatia goes on from the second half of February to the end of December. The spawning period lasts for about 40 days from the end of May to the beginning of July, due to the tuna spawn season, when the fish migrates south. In July when the tuna comes back the high season is on again.

What Are the Best Fishing Grounds?

“The fishing area near Blitvenica and a little further south towards Primosten are the places where we go drifting....”, explains our captain of Azimut Magellano’s Bollinger. “We go trolling from 5.5 miles up to 6 miles. There is no trick for searching for the fish, it is known where the tuna are caught (Jabučka kotlina near Blitvenica). The old fishermen never reveal their fishing grounds... It’s all about fishfinder (echo sounder), intuition and luck!”

Jabučka Kotlina

This area is characterized by the fact that cold water rich in nutrients flows into it from the northern part of the Adriatic by bottom currents and is retained in the basin. Precisely because of this, this deep area has a greater amount of nutrients near the bottom than in the lighted surface zone. Such ecological conditions positively favor the development of marine organisms, and the area of ​​Jabučka Kotlina is known as a spawning ground and breeding ground for a large number of economically important bottom-dwelling fish species.

Which Methods are Used?

Trolling is a method of fishing in which one or more fishing lines and lures are dragged through the water from a moving boat. Trolling is done where the fish are fed.

Our captain Saša Zagorelec alo revealed some other techniques such as chunking based on sardines and drifting (which is the most efficient and the most popular technique).

In the words of our captain, Bollinger is equipped for sport fishing with the platform able to lift up to 300 kg. 

Bollinger – a Perfect Choice for Big Game Fishing in Croatia

Azimut_Magellano66_BOLLINGER_Aerial5_Yacht IN.jpg
BOLLINGER equipped with professional fishing equipment

Big-game fishing requires a boat of sufficient seaworthiness to take the crew to the fishing areas and back, professional fishing rods, and a special license held by the captain and issued by the government agency. A yacht that fits these requirements in our yacht charter fleet is Azimut Magellano M/Y Bollinger

Let’s see what exclusive features this yacht has to offer.

Bollinger can accommodate a group of 8 and is fitted with Penn professional big game fishing equipment, but that’s not all. 

Azimut_Magellano66_BOLLINGER_BigGameFishing1_Yacht IN.jpg
Bollinger's fishing Penns

With a design inspired by larger superyachts, there is also a 4-person Jacuzzi on the sundeck which is quite unique on the market for a 66ft yacht. Bollinger’s main benefit is that it’s incredibly comfortable cruising at any speed. Not only that it has an 8-seater dining table and a wet bar, but also a lovely little lounge with a small table for cocktails with seats that convert to sun loungers for sunbathing. And that’s not all – this luxury yacht has a variety of water toys for big boys such as scooters, inflatable boat tubes, and everything you need for snorkeling, and paddle boarding. For those who would like to explore the Dalmatian islands, there are electric bicycles, too.

Bollinger’s home port is Tribunj next to Sibenik/Vodice (middle Adriatic) and due to the above-mentioned equipment, this yacht is also ideal for charter in the preseason and postseason.

Our 20.15 meters Bollinger is ready and waiting to welcome you and your team for unforgettable experiences out on the waves!

Contact us today for a quote and experience a big game fishing adventure.