For first-time charterers, understanding industry terms, pricing, and, finally, making a decision might be a cumbersome task.

One way to tackle this is to contact a charter specialist who will undoubtedly make this process painless and enjoyable. Nonetheless, if you are considering a yacht charter in Croatia, here are a few explanations that will help you understand the terms and pricing while sifting through yacht catalogs.

Learn the lingo 

Bareboat - If the boat is listed as a bareboat, that means you are only paying for boat rental. You are in charge of hiring the crew, or you take on the role of the captain, with a proper license. None of the expenses are included in the price so you’re obliged to cover the service fee (transit log), fuel, dockage, food and drinks for your charter party, etc. Furthermore, the security deposit is a standard for bareboat charters and usually payable in cash or credit card.

Skippered - Skippered boats or yachts come with a captain/skipper, a licensed professional who is responsible for navigating the vessel. The captain can provide you with useful insights, suggest what to do and where to go, he/she has extensive knowledge of the cruising area and knows the ins and outs of the vessel. Their rate is included in the charter price, but all other expenses are covered by you. 

Crewed - Crewed yacht is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of yachts, varying in crew size and yacht size. If you take a look at our crewed yacht charter fleet, you can choose from 21M M/Y DOMINIQUE with captain and stewardess on board, all the way to 55M superyacht RARITY with the crew of 12, both of these yachts are crewed, but the difference is obvious. Having a crew on board guarantees all your needs are met and your safety is ensured. 

Price determining factors in yacht charter

As prices vary even among seemingly similar yachts, it is important to understand what are the factors that affect the weekly charter price. 

First and foremost, the size of the yacht and whether you are chartering in high or low season. After that, a number of factors are taken into consideration: the builder and the year the yacht was built in, the number of cabins and its layout, the number of crew, the yacht’s reputation, water toys selection, amenities and equipment, etc. All of this can seem a bit too much if you are new to the world of luxury yacht charter, but you definitely can’t go wrong with contacting a yacht charter specialist whose main role is to understand your desires and find the best match. 

When is a good time to charter a yacht in Croatia?

Chartering is very seasonal, and prices change accordingly. Croatian yachting season starts as early as May, and can sometimes extend well into October. July and August are considered high season, so it should not come as a surprise that the prices are at their highest during this period. Booking a yacht in June, still in low season, will save you a considerable amount of money, while still enjoying warm summer weather, this also applies to September. 

Booking early is always a good idea as you can choose specific dates and time of the season that suits you. The selection of available yachts is much bigger, and the owners sometimes give out an early booking discount, usually 5% to 10%. However, this practice is only common for smaller yachts, up to 18m and in some cases up to 24m. Negotiating prices is not common in luxury superyacht charter, but please contact our charter specialist as they are familiar with special offers and deals available on the charter market. 

Pakleni Islands near Hvar, source CNTB, author Ivo Pervan

Charter fee and expenses explained

The main idea behind luxury yacht charter is customization, tailoring a vacation to fit your needs specifically. This is not a one-size-fits-all business and with all that said, it is not easy to have a single price. 

What’s included in the charter fee?

Charter yachts above 20m in the Mediterranean usually operate under MYBA terms, which is the case with Yacht IN charter fleet. MYBA charter terms can be described as a “plus expenses” charter. The base rate covers the yacht and its equipment, tenders & water toys, basic consumables stores for galley and cabins, yacht’s laundry, the crew wages and food, and the insurance of the yacht and the crew, but running expenses, fuel for the yacht and tenders, food and other supplies, local taxes and docking are paid for separately.

Plus expenses under MYBA terms:

  • APA - The main obligatory expense outside the base rate is called APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance), and as the name suggests, it is paid for in advance. The usual amount is around 30% of the charter fee. This fund is used to cover yachts running costs during the charter: fuel, marina fees, food and beverages for you and your charter party, etc. The difference between the APA and the actual expenses is covered at the end of your charter, either you are refunded for the amount that was not spent or you pay for the exceeded amount if that is the case.
  • VAT - Value Added Tax is an obligatory expense as all yachts registered for commercial use are subject to it. VAT differs from country to country and is usually applied based on the place of embarkation.

    Croatian VAT 13 %
    Montenegro: NO VAT on charters

    For example, when you embark on your crewed motor yacht charter in Croatia and disembark in Montenegro, Croatian  VAT of 13%  would apply to the Charter Fee. If you start your charter in Montenegro and stay there for 1 or more nights before entering Croatian waters, where you'll disembark, then you will pay less VAT i.e. 13% of VAT will apply only on days spent in Croatia.
  • Delivery/re-delivery fee -  Delivery fees may apply if you require your charter to start/end in a port other than the homeport of the chosen yacht. You will be charged for the fuel used to relocate the yacht to the port of your choice. In some cases, the owner may charge you “empty run” days for the distance and time required to deliver the yacht, to compensate for revenue lost due to delivery. 

  • Crew gratuity - it is not obligatory to tip the crew, but it is customary to leave 5% to 15% of the charter fee. As for how this is done, usually, you leave the tip to the captain at the end of your charter and he will split it evenly between crew members. 

Size and price range 

The explanation that follows applies to motor yachts exclusively as sailing yachts and catamarans fall under a different, usually less expensive category.

Motor yachts under 18m I price range €10,000-20,000 

In this size range, you will usually find the most affordable options. 2 to 3 cabin yachts that accommodate 4 to 6 people. These yachts are chartered bareboat or with 1 crew member, a skipper. 

Example I Skippered yacht Prestige 550 Fly FLORIA.

Prestige 550 Fly_Side.jpeg
Skippered yacht Prestige 550 Fly FLORIA

Motor yachts between 18m - 24m  I Price range €18,000-45,000

Yachts in this range usually have 3 luxury cabins for 6 people, but there are some yachts with 4 cabins for 8 people. As the size grows, so does the number of crew and these yachts usually have 2 to 3 crew members (a captain, a chef, and/or a hostess). 

Example I Fereti 681 DOMINIQUE 

21m Ferretti 681 DOMINIQUE with 2 crew members, High Season rate is 22.900 EUR/week + VAT + APA

Example I Princess Y72 ELIZABETH

Saloon Princess Y72 - Yacht IN.jpg
Brand new 22,5m Princess Y72 "Elizabeth", High season rate is 42.000 EUR/week + VAT + APA

Motor yachts between 24m -  30m I Price range €35,000 and €65,000

This size range offers a variety of choices, from fast open yachts to more comfortable and stable displacement, two-deck yachts. These are usually 4 cabin yachts that accommodate 8 guests, but some exceptions have a fifth cabin. A crew from 2 to 4 members is on board. Prices vary significantly as these yachts differ in age, size, amenities, selection of water toys, etc.

Example I Ferreti Custom Line Navetta 26 FRIEND'S BOAT 

Ready for charter from 2022 summer 26m Friend's Boat, High season rate is 48.000 EUR/week + VAT + APA

Superyachts between 30m -  40m  I Price range €50,000 and €150,000

There is a big gap between 30 and 40 meters, which is reflected in the price range. More luxurious yachts are common in this category as features get more exclusive; Jacuzzis, spacious social areas, comfortable staterooms, a bigger selection of water toys, and more equipment in general. A bigger size means more space, which means more comfort and stability. Yachts with 5 stateroom cabins for 10 people are prevalent in this size range. In some cases, the master suite is located on the main deck which is considered an extremely attractive feature. These yachts run with 4 to 7 crew members which means the provided service is much more tailored and the stay is more luxurious than on smaller yachts, as expected. 

Example I Sunseeker Predator 108 QUANTUM

33m Sunseeker Predator 108 QUANTUM for charter, High season rate is 68.500 EUR/week + VAT + APA

Superyachts between 40m - 50m I Price range €90,000 and €250,000

Full beam master suites, upper deck VIP stateroom, offices, huge bathrooms, three decks with dining and social areas, sundeck Jacuzzis, and the list goes on. All of this becomes a standard on yachts in this size range. Commonly, these yachts have up to 6 staterooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests. Crew size grows up to 12 people and the provided service is second to none. 

Example I CRN 43 "LADY TRUDY" 

New to the charter market, 43m M/Y LADY TRUDY, from 160.000 EUR/week + VAT + APA

Superyachts +50m I Price range + €250,000 - Million 

The prices skyrocket within this category and whatever you imagine as the pinnacle of exclusivity can probably be found on these superyachts and megayachts. It is safe to say that the possibilities are endless; gyms, beach clubs, private owners' decks, spas, helipads, cinemas, pools, and high-performance tenders are just some of the features found in this size range. 

Example I TALEYA (ex Rarity)

55m Rossinavi Yacht TALEYA ready for charter from summer 2022, price 275.000 EUR/week + APA + VAT

Yacht IN’s extensive experience and knowledge in luxury yachting in the Med is a guarantee of the best possible service. Dedicated professionals, driven to go beyond expectations, will attune to your personal needs. Luxury yacht charter is called that for a reason. It is not the term we throw around easily. The service should feel exclusive from start to finish. Contact our yacht charter specialist and let them take care of every detail while you sit back and relax.