As the situation regarding the COVID-19 restrictions changes rapidly, this article will be updated accordingly, informing you about all the important measures.

Covid-19 Information 

For the latest information on COVID-19 cases in Croatia, please visit the  Croatian Government’s COVID-19 website.

UPDATE (April 6th 2022)

Following a massively improved situation with the pandemic in Croatia, on the 6th April 2022, all COVID related restrictions have been significantly eased.

  • Protective masks are not obligatory anymore; however, there is a recommendation for people to be cautious and wear masks where needed
  • All employees and patients in the healthcare system and working in the nursing homes must continue wearing protective masks
  • No restrictions on working hours for coffee shops, restaurants and clubs
  • Covid certificates will only be requested for in the healthcare system
  • Entry to Croatia is allowed without the COVID certificate for all EU citizens, people coming from other countries will be asked for the COVID certificate at the border.

UPDATE (July 1st 2021)

As of July 1st, Croatia will use EU Digitial COVID Certificate as proof that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19.

Every person with this certificate will be able to enter Croatia without restrictions and move freely, attend events, visit clubs, etc. 

Guests from third countries can enter Croatia without presenting a special reason. They will have to present a negative test not older than 48 hours, a certificate showing they have recovered from COVID-19, or that they have been vaccinated.

This applies to guests visiting from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. 

Foreign citizens can obtain a digital COVID certificate on all testing sites in Croatia.

UPDATE (May 28th 2021)

As of May 28th, Croatia has introduced more relaxed measures. 

  • more than 100 people are allowed to gather and the ban on private gatherings is lifted
  • restaurants are allowed to serve guests indoor, cafes and bars are still only allowed to serve guests outdoors, and working hours are prolonged to 11 PM
  • with strict epidemiological measures, serving guests indoors, not just on terraces, is allowed to all restaurants, as well as pastry shops that have minimum technical requirements for serving food or desserts

All the measures and recommendations mentioned below are still active, for more information, please check the Croatian Government’s COVID-19 website.

UPDATE (April 1st 2021) 

Entry to Croatia for foreign citizens

Is Croatia currently open for tourism? YES

As of 1 April, all passengers who, regardless of their citizenship, come to the Republic of Croatia from EU / EEA member states/regions, and which are currently not on the so-called green list can enter Croatia with: 

1) Presentation of a certificate of negative PCR or rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 listed on the Joint List of Rapid Antigen Tests Mutually Recognized by the Member States of the European Union, published by the European Commission if the test result is not older than 48 hours testing until arrival at the border crossing.

2) Presentation of the vaccination certificate for persons 14 days after vaccination with the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine or since vaccination with a single dose, in the case of a single dose vaccine

3) Presentation of a positive PCR or rapid antigen test, confirming that the person has recovered from SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, where the test was performed at the latest 180 days ago and is older than 11 days from on the day of arrival at the border crossing or upon presentation of a certificate of illness COVID-19, issued by a doctor.

If the person does not meet one of the above conditions, self-isolation is determined upon arrival in Croatia with the possibility of PCR or rapid antigen testing for SARS-CoV-2, and in case of impossibility of testing, self-isolation lasts 10 days.

All third-country nationals will be allowed to enter the Republic of Croatia if they adhere to one of the above-mentioned preconditions and if they have confirmation of paid tourist accommodation or are owners of houses or vessels in the Republic of Croatia.

It is important to mention that with this provision children under the age of seven are exempted from presenting a negative test result and self-isolation if the parents/guardians have a negative PCR or rapid antigen test, or confirmation of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19.

source: Croatia National Tourist Board

Relaxing measures and promising numbers

Starting this week (March 1st), a relaxation of COVID-19 measures was introduced by the Croatian authorities. After more than 3 months in strict lockdown, cafes, restaurants and bars have opened their terraces today, while the interior parts will remain closed. Gyms and other sporting facilities opened their doors 2 weeks ago. As of today, 1st of March, Croatia has 91 new COVID-19 cases and 2892 cases remain active. It is important to mention that the number of new cases has been dropping significantly as a result of strict measures implemented in late November. If this trend continues, we can expect the measures to ease even more. Croatia has been battling this global problem firmly and resolutely and we are hoping that its determination will be reflected in the safe and productive yacht charter season. 

Last year, good preparation and acting in accordance with measures issued by the authorities enabled a prosperous summer season. Croatia aims to confirm its position as a safe traveling destination.

Sunseeker Predator 108 QUANTUM

Yacht IN COVID-19 policy

If there is an official travel warning for Croatia and quarantine measures are pending in Croatia or in the charterer's home country up to 3 weeks before the charter period, we offer charterers to reschedule their booking to a later period in 2021 and/or 2022 season free of charge.

Early booking has great benefits that shouldn't be disregarded. 

  1. guests have a far greater choice of yachts at their disposal in relation to last-minute bookings
  2. securing charter attractive high season dates 
  3. and finally, better rates can be negotiated.

Yacht cleaning procedures

As has always been the case, the safety and security of our Guests and Crew remain our highest priority. Our yachts are always extremely hygienic and comprehensively detailed before each charter, with every surface on the yacht washed and polished. It is hard to imagine a cleaner environment than a luxury yacht. Further to standard cleaning procedures, our Yacht Owners will secure that yachts will be washed with product based on chlorine and properly disinfected. In addition to that, anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes will be available onboard each yacht for use during the charter, both for the charter group and crew. Yacht charter remains one of the safest ways to travel during these challenging times.

Safe traveling made easier with "Safe stay in Croatia" 

The Croatian Tourism and Sports Ministry has launched a national campaign and label of safety under the name Safe stay in Croatia. In addition to the already known stamp “Safe travels” from WTTC, this designation will make traveling during these challenging times as safe and as easy as possible. Travelers will be able to identify destinations, accommodation providers, tourist attractions, and facilities that are following strict health and hygiene protocols and operating according to the current recommendation of the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Chartering makes up a large part of Croatian tourism, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since 40% of the world’s charter fleet is in Croatia. Made up of hundreds of islands and islets, numerous coves and famous chartering destinations, the Croatian coast will be the first choice of many travelers this year as well.
We highly recommend that you look up the protocols and general rules in nautical tourism or contact our yacht charter specialist with all your questions about chartering and COVID-19.