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It’s difficult to find a vacation spot that combines the charm of the old world, stunning locations, gorgeous climate, and the sheer variety of cultures in such a small place. The Mediterranean offers great weather throughout the season, and the breadth of experiences you can have simply can’t be beaten.

The area covers the coastlines of Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Malta… and that’s just the European side. On the African end, there’s Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Monaco, Algeria, and Egypt. Being able to explore so many diverse locations, cultures, cuisines, and sights at your leisure on your own boat is truly an exquisite experience.  That’s why a yacht charter is a great way to travel through the Mediterranean.

Important locations for a Mediterranean yacht charter

There are simply too many locations, from large ports to tiny rarely visited nooks to really list here. Here are some broad strokes of what you can expect while sailing this breathtaking sea.

The Croatian coastline

There’s much to be said for yachting along the Croatian coastline. It’s lined with hundreds of islands and you can sail on a calm sea in gentle winds. It’s all a perfect blend of natural beauty and rich history. The marine infrastructure isn’t left wanting the services provided in the country’s many marinas are truly excellent.

When you decide to dock, you’ll be able to partake in incredibly delicious food that combines Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with just a dash of continental influences. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular places in Europe for sailing.

The Western Mediterranean

The sun-bathed Western Mediterranean Sea touches some truly stunning beaches and incredible ports. The region is famous for that unique unrestrained energy and delicious cuisine. It’s incredibly diverse, ranging from the luxury of the French Riviera, the breathtaking architecture of the Italian coasts, the countless coves and beaches of the Spanish coast, the unending parties at the Ibiza, and downright rustic seaside restaurants that serve a dizzying array of dishes.

Corsica and Sardinia are excellent both as yachting destinations and as home bases for further exploration. They combine Italian and French flairs with medieval villages and inviting harbors. Corsica is the wilder of the two and has some truly untamed scenery that looks untouched by humans.

Ionian Islands

This 50-mile-long island chain is a stretch of seven main islands and many smaller islets. Each island is unique and offers something different to visitors. Corfu is the biggest island and the most popular destination for tourists. People who want to experience a more traditional culture would be better served by visiting Zante or Zakynthos.

The Turkish coast

Turkey offers stunning vistas you can explore on a Mediterranean yacht rental. It has the largest coastline and provides a blend of Middle Eastern and European cultures and traditions. The food is delectable, and the scenery is breathtaking. Southwestern Turkey is famous for its wonderful beaches and the incredible sight of rising mountains. Even if you just decide to sail by, seeing the Turquoise Coast is worth the trip.


Few yacht charter routes go to Malta, but it’s a true gem of the Mediterranean and has a long history. You can see prehistoric ruins, alluring harbors, and picturesque beaches and coves that look as if they’re built into the coastline. There are 21 islands on the Maltese archipelago, but the only inhabited ones are Malta itself, Gozo, and Comino. The uninhabited ones do offer great watersports and diving sites, as well as secluded anchorages.

Sicily and the Aeolian islands

Few places say the Mediterranean like Sicily. Quant fishing villages, lovely beaches, and secluded anchorages all blend into a picturesque whole unlike any you’ve ever seen. Palermo’s architecture, galleries, and squares framed by the azure sea are iconic.

Mere 55 kilometers to the north lie the volcanic Aeolian islands, rising from the cobalt blue waters, dotted with ports and anchorages. They’re perfect for island hoppers as they’re just a short distance from one another, and Lipari, Salina, and Panarea are bustling with visitors and locals. Fillicudi and Alicudi are the quieter options, while Vulcano and Stromboli still have active volcanoes – allowing visitors to enjoy hot springs, volcanic mud baths, and even small explosive eruptions (harmless) from Stromboli.

When is the best time to go yachting in the Mediterranean?

It’s possible to sail the Mediterranean at any time from April to October, but the weather can get chilly during those months. The high season runs from July to August, and while the weather is incredible, that’s also the time when tourists and other visitors simply swarm resorts, making it difficult to get a reservation or even a berth in popular ports. This makes May and September ideal months for people who would like to avoid the crowds but still enjoy the pleasant weather.

Additionally, the specific itinerary will depend on your preferences. If you’re aiming to visit a festival, a regatta, or a different event, then you need to schedule everything accordingly and possibly book in advance.

Why Yacht IN?

As yachting professionals with years of experience, the Yacht IN team has an excellent reputation and can provide a customized, luxurious experience. The services include yacht chartering and management, race and regatta management, as well as sale and purchase of yachts.

We also provide carefully crafted yachting itineraries for Croatia and can help you tailor your own unique yachting journey.

Just pick a crewed or private yacht that catches your eye, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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