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Owning a yacht is a dream come true, but managing its finances shouldn't be a nightmare. Yacht IN provides expert financial management services by overseeing dedicated yacht accounts—bank, debit cards, and cash—for yacht operations and APA purposes, ensuring your yacht runs smoothly and cost-effectively. Our experienced and dedicated team will take care of your yacht's finances, and work collaboratively with you and your captain to establish a customized budget tailored to your specific vessel. Using a dedicated bank account, our yacht manager will meticulously track expenditures, ensure timely bill payments, and maintain accurate account and credit card balances.

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Spending Controls & Card Management

We work collaboratively to set clear spending limits for each vessel user. For larger purchases, crew members submit requests for your pre-approval, fostering transparency. This ensures only approved invoices matching purchase orders are settled, safeguarding your finances. Crew are equipped with user-friendly prepaid cards loaded with designated funds in various currencies, simplifying transactions. To top it all off, all transactions are instantly recorded in our user-friendly online platform and mobile app, providing real-time oversight anytime, anywhere.

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Annual Budgeting & Reporting

For yacht owners seeking financial clarity and control, our service provides collaborative annual budget planning with all stakeholders, along with accessible monthly and annual reports for online review. We produce comprehensive monthly financial reports including profit and loss, balance sheets, and actual expenditures compared to budget. To simplify financial management, dedicated accounts in Euros, USD, and GBP are offered along with access to competitive foreign exchange solutions through trusted partners.

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Why choose Yacht IN?

With nearly 15 years of experience in the yacht industry, we've established ourselves as trusted advisors in yacht financial expertise. By leveraging data from similar vessels, we identify and unlock areas for optimization, ensuring your yacht operates at peak efficiency and delivers maximum value. Our tax and legal expertise, along with ongoing support, is available to owners, captains, and crew alike, empowering informed decision-making at every level of your yachting journey.

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