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The magical Mediterranean is one of the most desirable cruising grounds in the world. A masterpiece of mother nature that spans countries and cultures, uncover the best of this region on your luxury Mediterranean yacht charter. The Mediterranean is one of the world's favorite yachting destinations, where stunning coastal scenery mingles with ancient towns, glitz and glamor, UNESCO heritage, and untouched natural wonders. It promises abundant unrivaled experiences spanning different countries, cities, and coastlines, with an exploration of cultures and cuisines only part of its appeal. The Mediterranean awards its visitors an exclusive yacht charter soaked in leisure, luxury, and authenticity. Uncover the lavish French Riviera, captivating Croatian coast, sensational Italy, and unforgettable Greece on your next Mediterranean yacht charter.

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Best time to book your Mediterranean yacht charter?

Book your yacht charter in July and August if you’re looking for the sunniest and warmest time at sea. However, be prepared to compromise with busy and eager crowds. Shoulder season cruising is also pleasant on the Mediterranean, with May, June, and September offering enjoyable temperatures without the swarms of tourists. But when visiting for a specific event or regatta? Booking in advance is key, no matter the time of year.

Must-visit destinations on your Mediterranean yacht charter

From historic old towns to charming fishing villages, deluxe destinations with impressive marinas, to off-the-beaten-path ports, it’s impossible to list everything your private yacht charter has in store. Here’s a little of what you can expect.

Croatian Coastline

Over 1,000 islands, islets, and reefs make up the Croatian coastline, attracting yachters from around the world to this part of the Adriatic. The mild Mediterranean climate thrives from early spring to late summer, enhancing Croatia’s stunning seaside towns, each with its history and heritage to share. A dream for island-hopping guided by various Adriatic winds, the Croatian coastline compels with hidden coves, secluded beaches, and pristine vegetation. National and nature parks are found in natural pockets between protected towns. Traditional taverns honor local cuisine heavily influenced by the UNESCO-protected Mediterranean diet, where handpicked and homemade ingredients and products make their way into every dish. Well-equipped modern marinas and marine infrastructure make it a go-to European sailing destination, while its world-famous towns of Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar have secured their place as priority destinations for your crewed yacht charter.

French Riviera

The extravagant French Riviera dazzles yachters looking for a first-class luxury yacht charter in a world-class yachting destination. The ritzy seaside towns of Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Monaco invite guests to indulge in opulent experiences, from high-end shopping to VIP nightlife. The famous French cuisine is dressed in Michelin stars, with some of the world’s best restaurants on its coast. Your French Riviera luxury yacht charter reveals incredible Mediterranean scenery, from whimsical beaches to quiet coves, Venice-like canals, and supreme dive sites. Don’t miss the naturally wild Porquerolles, a crescent-shaped island oasis where white sandy beaches and lush vegetation meet. Exploring the French Riviera means you get to indulge all of the senses.

Choose one of our carefully-crafted itineraries, or let us design the Mediterranean yacht charter of your dreams. Pick your perfect yacht to get started!

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When is the ideal time to book a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean?

Summer yacht charters in the Mediterranean are most popular during July and August, but if you're looking for a more peaceful experience, consider booking your trip in June, September, or October. Our yacht charter brokers will work with you to find the perfect boat for your budget and desired experiences, taking the hassle out of the planning process.

What is the maximum number of people allowed on a yacht?

The maximum number of people allowed on a yacht depends on the size and type of yacht, as well as the country in which it is registered. Generally, the maximum number of people allowed on a yacht is 12, but this can vary depending on the specific regulations of the country in which it is registered.

What is the average temperature in Med by month?

It depends on where you go, but the average is:
June – 24C/75F
July – 30C/86F
August – 35/95F
September – 30C/86F
October – 25C/77F

Is the sea at the Mediterranean calm?

It depends on the time of year and the weather conditions. Generally, the Mediterranean Sea is known for its calm waters, but it can become choppy during storms or high winds.

Are kids allowed on a Mediterranean Yacht Charter?

Children of all ages are welcome to join a yacht charter in the Mediterranean, making it the perfect family vacation. Onboard amenities, such as swimming pools and cinema rooms, will keep youngsters entertained, while the water toys, including snorkeling gear, inflatables, fishing gear, and kayaks, will provide hours of fun. With advanced notice, the crew can also organize exciting activities for kids, such as treasure hunts or fancy-dress parties. Additionally, many yachts have staff rooms specifically for nannies, ensuring a stress-free holiday for parents.

What is the usual tip for the yacht crew?

The usual tip for the yacht crew is 10-15% of the charter fee, depending on the level of service provided. It is customary to tip the captain and crew at the end of the charter, and it is recommended to give the tip in cash. It is also important to remember that the crew works hard to make sure that your charter is a success, so it is always appreciated to show your appreciation with a generous tip.

What is the minimum stay for a Mediterranean Yacht Charter?

The length of your vacation is up to you and will depend on your desired itinerary, but typically lasts around seven days. Get in touch with our charter experts to book your Mediterranean yacht charter today.

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By sending an inquiry through this form, you acknowledge you are familiar with the Privacy Policy of Perfectus d.o.o. and agree with it. With this you also give consent (permission) for the collection and processing of personal data specified in the form, and which are necessary for us to be able to accommodate your request.