Meet the team

Meet the team

Slaven Knežević

Slaven Knežević Co-Founder
+385 98 843 325
hr en it ru

Matija Zelić

Matija Zelić Co-Founder
+385 91 314 3033
hr en it

Barbara Grgurević Škoda

Barbara Grgurević Škoda Head of Charter
+385 99 819 5889
hr en

Kristina Bukvić Trobec

Kristina Bukvić Trobec Accounts Manager
+385 99 819 5890
hr en it

Ana Matanović Šare

Ana Matanović Šare Accounting & Administration
+385 99 819 5891
hr en

Sanja Nevešćanin

Sanja Nevešćanin Yacht Charter Specialist
+385 99 528 0871
hr en it de

Marko Sutlović

Marko Sutlović Service
+385 95 900 4476
hr en

Marko Dunđer

Marko Dunđer Management/Sales
+385 98 777 657
hr en it

Anita Ćustić

Anita Ćustić Marketing Coordinator
+385 99 484 9038
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