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Selling a yacht is a complex procedure that requires in-depth industry knowledge, experience and effective negotiation skills. You want to make sure you will get the best price possible. Choosing the right broker is the first step towards a successful sale.

We at Yacht IN have built our sales success on a close relationship with our clients - a relationship based primarily on mutual trust. We believe that you must have full confidence in your broker, and trust the broker to work in your best interest.

You can rely on our professional and experienced team as they will provide maximum market exposure for your yacht, secure the best deal, and ensure smooth sale.

We understand the significance of presenting your yacht to the right market and the right potential buyers. Through our in-depth market knowledge and excellent industry relationships, we will always ensure that your yacht is perfectly positioned to sell.

Finally, we know that no two yachts are the same, so no two selling strategies are the same: we create tailor-made selling and marketing strategies for each yacht. We constantly analyse and adapt those strategies, to ensure maximum and effective exposure to the targeted audience. Our final goal is always to provide you with a seamless procedure leading to the best price.

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