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Yacht Management Service

“Management is all about managing in the short term, while developing the plans for the long term.”
Jack Welch

At Yacht IN, we understand that a tailor-made approach is the key to successful yacht management. We fully appreciate that each yacht, owner and captain has different requirements and expectations. Through our extensive knowledge and experience of yachting management, we ensure that every detail of the yacht’s operations is taken care of. Whether in administration, financial or technical matters, our team will provide high-end yacht management services – for the owner's and the captain's complete peace of mind.

Administration services

From the moment your yacht enters Croatian waters, we provide complete administration support, dealing with taxes, registration and insurance. We also ensure that every aspect is in compliance with the ever-changing legislations.

Accounts & Finance

Transparency and integrity are fundamental to Yacht IN’s approach to the financial administration of your yacht. We plan the budget carefully, with meticulous control of expenditure, and we ensure detailed financial reports are regularly presented to the owner. For ultimate cost control, our client can also opt to remotely access real-time financial data.

Service & Refit

Thanks to our strong relationship with the leading shipyards, we can manage any project successfully – from simple maintenance to new build supervision and complex refits. Our team also offers global yachting management related to class and flag compliance, as well as overseeing the budgetary and fiscal aspects of the refit process.

Crew Support

We know that a trusted crew is one of the most important factors of your yachting experience. Whether you are in need of a competent captain, a masterful chef or a discreet interior crew, we will find the right people for you via our comprehensive database of reliable sailing and yachting professionals.

Yacht Operations

Whatever your yacht might need, wherever she is operating, we see to it. Shipping of spare parts, chandlery, purveying and fuel bunkering are all part of our worldwide yacht management services. Our certified shipping agents are trained to transport supplies to any given location, as quickly and economically as possible.


Yacht IN offers ISM & ISPS services to yacht owners, ensuring that your yacht is fully compliant with the ISM and ISPS codes set by the International Maritime Organisation.
ISM (International Safety Management Code) regulates the safe operation of yachts in regards to the safety of the guests, crew, and environment, while ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) was developed enhance the security of guests and crew and protect your vessel against theft and unauthorized boarding. As a full-service yacht management company, Yacht IN works in-step with the yacht’s captain to ensure hassle-free and efficient compliance with these codes.

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