About us

About us

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Yacht IN as boutique yachting company specialises in luxury yacht sales, yacht charter, yacht management and consulting. What makes us stand out and what drives our business is our integrity, our passion and our dedication.

We are passionate about our business and dedicated to providing you with the best tailor-made experience. Whether you are buying, selling or chartering a yacht, if you need reliable yacht management support and assistance for your yacht, organization of a yachting event, or concierge services, we are here to support you, providing the best possible service.

About us


We are a team of young and enthusiastic professionals with an in depth knowledge of yachting industry. Multilingual and multitalented, Yacht IN team stands out truly making a boutique yachting company.

We act as one, sharing our know-how and experience, directed to a single goal -to give you the best possible service, always attuned to your personal needs.

About us

Our main focus is luxury yachting in the Mediterranean, the most popular yachting area in the world, and an area that we know very well. You see, we believe that having local and regional partners is crucial. You need someone who knows the market and market activities, who has the logistics and set-up necessary to supply all the required services and products and, of course, to promote sales.

That said, this doesn’t mean that our network doesn’t extend globally as international business makes most of our references.

About us


Yacht IN was founded in 2010 with one mission: to become the region’s leading service provider for global citizens who seek expertise and the highest quality, in maintaining a lifestyle of passion and luxury.

We must, however, point out that our team was in the yachting business years before 2010. Our founders, Slaven and Matija, were working in the industry for years before they decided to combine their experience, creativity and vision behind Yacht IN.

About us

Slaven Knežević perfected his role as super yacht captain while Matija Zelić matured as yacht sales specialist in world’s most eminent shipyards.

Over the course of the years, other professionals have joined the team, and Yacht IN has grown into a renowned and trusted name in the yachting industry.

About us

Today, we can proudly say that we have fulfilled the mission we set out when we started Yacht IN. However, we still work hard every day to improve our operations and to give you the best possible personalized service.

We strive to go beyond expectations excelling in all areas of our business: yacht sales, yacht charter and yacht management while we continue to innovate, explore and evolve.

It is true that a ship is safe in the harbour, but that is not what a ship is built for. The same goes for us!

About us
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