Many of our yacht owners and charterers are looking to us for certainty about the likelihood of summer yacht charters going ahead in 2020. We’re happy to report that, while nothing is certain right now, there are plenty of reasons to be reassured about the success of a Croatia yachting vacation in summer 2020.

The Croatian reaction to the Coronavirus crisis has been swift and strict. 

Croatia enforced very strict measures very early on in the COVID-19 crisis, with early closure of schools and hospitals followed by a large scale shut-down of all non-essential businesses including restaurants and hotels, and the banning of intercity travel.  These were some of the strictest measures in the world at the time.

Due to these swift actions, Croatia only has 790 cases of COVID 19 as of 31stMarch, which is even less than Singapore – a country much lauded for its impressive efforts to keep the virus in check. Croatia has so far managed to ‘flatten the curve’ and avoid exponential growth. 

As a result, it is our belief and hope that by the time summer rolls around in roughly three months’ time, the virus numbers will have stabilised and dropped across Europe, with the combination of the warmer weather making the transmission of the virus less virulent. 

For this reason, we encourage those with summer yacht charters already booked to stay the course and not make any changes until further notice – particularly if your charter is booked for July or beyond. We promise to keep you informed, and we are always available if you’d like to discuss your options.

For those wishing to book a Croatia yacht charter without worrying about what the future holds, we are working with our yacht owners to add an addendum to the MYBA charter contract to offer either a refund or postponement if the situation in Croatia becomes dangerous, or if a travel ban prevents the charterer from joining the yacht. Postponed charters will have 12 months to recommence.

If you are considering chartering a yacht this year, please contact YACHT IN charter specialists for advice and browse the yachts available for charter here.

33 m Predator 108 QUANTUM cruising Adriatic

A private yacht is almost pandemic-proof

A private yacht is the ideal place to be during a pandemic or the recovery phase – a fact reflected in the fact that some clients are chartering yachts for months at a time to get away from the coronavirus outbreak in their home countries. 

So, what makes a private yacht such a safe type of vacation in this situation? 

There’s a multitude of practical reasons why a yacht makes for a safe haven during the coronavirus outbreak. 

A yacht is quite self-sufficient. 

Yachts have large fuel tanks which are used not only for cruising, but to power the yacht’s electricity needs. There’s a watermaker on board, and quite extensive cold and dry storage for food and drinks, particularly on larger yachts. The yacht has its own sewage system, and garbage can be disposed of via tender runs, meaning the yacht doesn’t have to come into port. There is a huge feeling of relief to board a yacht and cast off into the islands, leaving behind the crowds and cities, knowing that the yacht can remain at anchor for long periods if needed. 

The yacht crew can order new supplies to be delivered.

When the yacht is restocked for charter, it can be done via specialist yacht provisioners, who collect the goods and deliver them to the dock for the crew to collect. This means the crew do not need to go into society to shop, and risk bringing back an infection. When the delivery is unpacked, the crew dispose of cardboard and packaging immediately before leaving the dock again. 

24 m Ferretti 780 TESORO

Yachts are ultra-clean environments.

Yachts are always extremely hygienic, with exhaustive daily cleaning procedures even in normal times. Yachts are comprehensively detailed before each charter, with every surface and fabric on the yacht washed and polished. The yacht’s interior is cleaned daily on charter, with cabins and their ensuites cleaned a minimum of twice daily. It is hard to imagine a cleaner environment than a luxury yacht, and with cleaning procedures ramped up even further during this crisis, the yachts will be meticulously clean and disinfected, ready for charter like never before. 

Yacht crew have first aid experience.

Charter crew all hold, at minimum, basic first aid certificates, while the yacht’s captain is required to hold an Advanced First Aid qualification. Charter yachts carry well-equipped medical kits and the yacht never travels far from shore during Croatia yacht charters, so guests will never be out of reach of medical care in the event that someone develops symptoms while on board. Because yacht crew are attuned to their guest needs and are highly trained, any health event would be monitored and reacted to with the utmost dedication and professionalism. Each yacht in the charter fleet has been required to draw up new procedures to cope with any coronavirus cases.

There are few nicer places to recover from a crisis than on a Croatia yacht charter

A yacht is also the perfect place for family and friends to recover from a crisis, particularly in a spectacular location like Croatia, with its pine-forested islands and blue-green coves. Croatia abounds in quiet, wild places of breathtaking beauty, like Mljet in the south with its crystal clear lakes and forest paths, and the Kornati archipelago further north, with its uninhabited islands and National Park. Explore our Yacht Charter Croatia Itineraries here.

In these trying circumstances, a longer charter is particularly attractive, allowing guests to ‘wait out’ the tail end of the virus in absolute luxury, filling their days swimming off the yacht and wandering secluded beaches, playing on the watertoys and enjoying the yacht’s huge array of movies and games. The chef will be cooking five-star cuisine for every meal, while the stewardesses serve wine and cocktails and tend to your every need. A yacht charter is restorative to the spirit. 

If staying away from the rest of humanity is your goal, the yacht captain will be running risk-assessments of every activity and location to ensure your safety, and the crew will be working hard to keep everyone happy and entertained. There is no need to step ashore and risk mingling with strangers and international guests – a situation you can’t avoid in hotels. 

This summer season will be special.

If you charter early on in the recovery, you will see a Croatia unlike anyone has seen in recent memory: largely free of crowds, with quiet anchorages, near-deserted beaches, and UNESCO sites with blissfully few tourists.

If you charter later in summer when the country is further along in its recovery, you will encounter a spirited country enjoying its freedoms again, as restaurants and shops open and the country is in the mood to celebrate on the sparkling edges of the Adriatic. 

Above all, it will be a summer charter to remember, as the world emerges from the crisis and its citizens are again free to explore the world’s most beautiful places – and to do so in safety and luxury. 

The yachting situation in Croatia as it stands today

Currently, marinas are open but operating on 10% capacity. Owners or charterers coming from any affected area will be required to quarantine on land for 14 days before being allowed to join their yacht. As such, charters are not advised at this time. 

However, as it is only beginning of April and cool temperatures still prevail across Croatia, the yacht charter season wouldn’t have begun yet in a normal year, so the charter industry still has plenty of time to prepare for the summer season.

We are here to support all yacht owners and charterers in this difficult time, so please get in touch at if you have any questions about yacht charters and COVID-19.