Surrounded by the clear waters of the Adriatic, Lastovo invites those in search of an unspoiled paradise. This captivating island, part of the beautiful Dalmatian archipelago, remains a hidden gem, attracting travelers with its natural beauty and history. As the southernmost inhabited Croatian island, it's a vital part of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park, which includes 46 islands and islets. Exploring Lastovo's hidden treasures is best done through a yacht charter adventure, allowing you to navigate these pristine waters and discover all that Lastovo has to offer.

The Untamed Natural Beauty of Lastovo

A Sanctuary for Nature Lovers

Lastovo offers a haven for nature enthusiasts, with lush landscapes blanketing the island and an unspoiled coastline revealing numerous bays, coves, and beaches ready to be explored. As you sail along the shoreline, you'll be spellbound by the rugged cliffs that dramatically plunge into the azure sea, providing an awe-inspiring backdrop to your yacht charter expedition. The island offers four prime yachting destinations: the enchanting Skrivena Luka (hidden port) nestled in the southernmost reaches, the serene and picturesque bay of Velji Lago to the west, the captivating Zaklopatica in the northern expanse, also the island's bustling fishing port. Completing this quartet is the ever-popular anchoring spot of Saplun, located in the east where the winds are mild and inviting.

Zaklopatica, Photo credit: Ante Gugić/Visit Lastovo

Sail the Azure Waters

Embarking on a yacht charter adventure offers the perfect means to explore the captivating Lastovo coastline. Chartering a yacht in Dalmatia grants you the freedom to hop from one secluded bay to another, unveiling hidden beaches and indulging in snorkeling adventures in pristine waters. With a private yacht, you have the flexibility to craft your own itinerary, allowing you to explore Lastovo at your own pace, whether you seek a leisurely day at sea, water sports excitement, or an exploration of the island's cultural treasures.

Lučica Bay, Photo credit: Ante Gugić/Visit Lastovo

Starry Nights and Celestial Serenity

Lastovo, often referred to as the "Island of Stars," boasts minimal light pollution, making it an ideal destination for stargazing. On a clear night, you can bask in the breathtaking tapestry of stars that seem to twinkle within arm's reach. And what better way to enjoy this celestial spectacle than from the sundeck of your own private yacht?

The Island of Stars, Photo credit: Marko Lorenzo Blaslov/Visit Lastovo

Historical and Cultural Charms

Preserving the Sands of Time

Lastovo boasts a rich historical heritage, where time appears to stand still. While exploring the island, you'll encounter enchanting stone houses, ancient churches, and remnants of Venetian influence embedded in the architecture. The Lastovo Village, an architectural marvel in its own right, stands as a beautifully preserved example of traditional Dalmatian architecture.

The Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian (Croatian: Sv Kuzma i Damjan), Photo credit: PP Lastovo

Fortresses and Lighthouses

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Lastovo's paramount fortress, Kaščel, perched atop Glavica above the settlement of Lastovo. Originally constructed to safeguard the island's inhabitants during times of uncertainty, this historic bastion now stands as a meteorological station, offering a unique glimpse into both its protective past and modern-day utility. Additionally, don't forget to pay your respects to the iconic Struga Lighthouse, a beacon that provides a fascinating window into Lastovo's maritime heritage. Another iconic lighthouse, Sušac Lighthouse, lies nearby, offering the opportunity to behold the most mesmerizing sea hues you've ever witnessed.

Struga Lighthouse, Photo credit: Tomaž Sedej/Visit Lastovo

Local lifestyle and gastronomy

Embrace the Island's Soul

The warm and welcoming inhabitants of Lastovo invite you to fully immerse yourself in their laid-back lifestyle. Here, you'll discover a sense of tranquility and serenity that is increasingly rare in today's fast-paced world. Engage with the locals, and you'll swiftly uncover their deep-rooted traditions and profound connection to the sea. Lastovo caters to both active and leisurely vacationers. With its mountainous terrain and forested expanses, the island offers ample opportunities for hiking, walking, and cycling, complete with marked trails. Notably, Lastovo is devoid of any poisonous species, ensuring safe and worry-free hiking experiences.

For those captivated by the mysteries of the underwater world, two diving centers await your exploration in Pasadur and Zaklopatica. Moreover, you'll discover two captivating submarine tunnels in Sito and Kremena, offering the perfect opportunity for exploration with a RIB. No need to fret about the logistics – rest assured, our devoted charter specialist and the proficient yacht crew are wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring you savor all that Lastovo has in store for you.

Military ship shelter, Photo credit: Marko Lorenzo Blaslov

Culinary Bliss

Embark on a gastronomic adventure in Lastovo, where the cuisine is a celebration of fresh seafood and the rich flavors of the Mediterranean. The island's olive oil and wines are renowned for their exceptional quality. Your culinary journey would be incomplete without indulging in "brujet", a delectable fish stew.

To truly savor the culinary treasures of Lastovo, make it a point to visit renowned "konobas" or taverns like Tavern Augusta Insula. Since its establishment in 1989, Tavern Augusta Insula has been enchanting its guests with Lastovo's culinary specialties, perfectly paired with their award-winning Augusta Insula wines. For another delightful dining experience, venture to Tavern Santor, nestled in Zaklopatica, right by the seaside. Here, in addition to their exquisite seafood offerings, they proudly present their own bottled homemade wines, featuring the Plavac and Maraština varieties, alongside their home-produced olive oil. Also, don't miss the opportunity to visit Porto Rosso, a nautical haven that boasts a Dalmatian-style restaurant, a welcoming cocktail bar, a well-equipped marina, a pristine beach, and a friendly staff eager to cater to your every need. These culinary gems ensure you savor the full spectrum of gastronomic treasures that Lastovo has to offer.

Photo credit: Augusta Insula Lastovo

As you bring your yacht charter adventure on the Island of Lastovo to a close, you'll depart not only with cherished memories of its natural wonders and cultural riches but also with a deep-seated sense of serenity and renewal, an experience truly unmatched. Lastovo, with its timeless allure, extends an inviting call for you to return and uncover more of its concealed treasures with each visit.

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