Step into the world of luxury yachting with Project Vortex, a stunning collaboration by Riza Tansu and Sinan Ozer. Crafted at the renowned Aegean Yacht shipyard in Bodrum, this 37.7-meter gem is ready to redefine elegance and performance at sea. Sold and supervised by Matija Zelić, a co-founder of Yacht IN, Project Vortex promises a yachting experience like no other.

Commissioned for an experienced client, Project Vortex epitomizes the modern Tansu-style yacht, seamlessly integrating steel and aluminum for unparalleled durability. In line with the Tigershark series, it exudes a strong and robust vibe, ideal for exploration.

The precision in the welding process employed guarantees the highest quality, emphasizing the fusion of craftsmanship and production excellence. Beyond its sleek lines, Project Vortex guarantees a thrilling yachting experience, bearing the unmistakable signature of Tansu.

Project Vortex pays attention to the details, offering a fuss-free layout. With a spacious open beach club, it provides the perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Powering Project Vortex are twin MAN 1,325 horsepower engines and two Kohler gensets, offering a seamless and powerful performance. Designed for speeds between 14 and 15 knots, it strikes the perfect balance between speed and stability.

For those in pursuit of the pinnacle of luxury and performance at sea, Project Vortex stands as the ultimate answer. The inaugural delivery is slated for the culmination of 2024. As the construction reaches its halfway point, we extend a warm invitation to potential clients to participate in the creation of the next vessel. As delegated by Matija, securing the next slot is paramount, with a construction timeline of 24 months from inception. Join us on this thrilling journey as Project Vortex embarks on a mission to redefine yachting excellence once again.

For additional details and to secure the next slot, please contact Matija via email at or by phone at +385 91 314 3033.