After the impressive regatta success of Wally 80 NAHITA, the Owner decided on his next venture: the construction of a phenomenal new build Wally 93, and tasked his trusted yacht management company Yacht IN to manage the project and oversee the build.

So Project Wally 93 NAHITA was born, a full-carbon, high-tech thoroughbred racing cruiser with naval architecture by Judel & Vrolijk and built by Performance Boats shipyard, one of the leading producers of carbon hulls. Featuring the latest generation hull lines as seen on the Wallycento superyachts, oversize 503sqm North sails, and a stunning flush-seeming deck with hidden sunken cockpit, the Wally 90 NAHITA is sleek, gorgeous, and built for speed. 

Video credit © McKenzie Wilson

To build such a project from the ground up took exceptional management. Yacht IN’s experience running NAHITA 80 on the Wally Class racing circuit put them in good stead, giving them the racing insights to manage the build with eventual regattas in mind, while also managing the everyday project management responsibilities of budget oversight, regulatory compliance, and build timelines. Yacht IN was there from the moment’s conception in 2016 right through to delivery in April 2018, when it was presented to the Owner ahead of schedule.

WALLY 93 launched in April 2018

The fact that the project was finished ahead of time(the holy grail of yacht-building) shows just how effectively the project was managed, and how well the management team collaborated with shipyard, designers, contractors, and the racing professionals brought in to ensure this yacht performed at its optimal level. The Wally 93 NAHITA build was also conducted in ultimate secrecy, and so effective the team was at keeping its secrets that even today, no outsider has seen the data on just how well this Wally yacht performs on the water. 

What is public knowledge, however, is that the Wally 93 NAHITA was ultra-engineered for racing performance, with reduced displacement of just 35.5 tonnes, and a lifting keel, reducing its 6.2m draft to 4.5m. The vessel has been tailored to perform best in light to medium conditions, and Rolf Vrolijk of Judel-Vrolijk has explained in press interviews that the yacht will start surfing at 16 knots, and easily exceeds true wind speed. Inside, the yacht’s interior is the result of a first-time collaboration between Luca Bassani, Wally’s founder and President, and couture homeware store Sans Tabù, and accommodates up to 6 guests in three ensuite staterooms as well as two crew.

Nahita Upwind June 2-2.jpg

Everything else about this spectacular racing machine is between the owner, the shipyard, and the very discreet yacht management team at Yacht IN. Which is exactly how it should be. An enormous amount of effort, innovation and dedication was put into the Wally 93 NAHITA build by all sides, and Yacht IN considers itself privileged to have managed this extraordinary project from its inception. 

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