MY Scarabeus is one of the most specific Sanlorenzo SL 88 ever made. Build by full custom order in cooperation with Viking shipyard this yacht has distinctive sleek line with characteristic vertical port holes completely differing from any other SL 88 produced.

Unlike the majority of Italian yards that rely on vast networks of subcontractors, Sanlorenzo is one of the few that builds virtually everything in-house: every component of the hull and superstructure; mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems; and the hallmark carpentry. Small wonder.

MY SCARABEUS is by far most unique Sanlorenzo SL 88 ever produced, custom built and fully equipped this yacht has been privately used since the very beginning.

Among the more noticeable changes is the shape of the hull-side windows. Sanlorenzo went a step farther, reconfiguring the portholes in all of the staterooms, giving the yacht a more cohesive style and a more upscale look.

Catering to customer-driven popularity of open layouts for main-deck spaces, interior designer Susan Kerns stipulated there be no bulkhead between the saloon and dining area. Instead she has shaped the furniture and cabinets in a way that defines each space without compromising the visual sensation of openness, an impression that's enhanced by generously sized windows along both sides and by sliding glass panels that open onto the aft deck.

Probably the most labor-intensive effort was that all bilge areas are faired and finished in white Awlgrip (during the production) making it easier to keep things clean and to spot even small drips or leaks so they can be eliminated before becoming big problems.

Interestingly, all interior doorframes are fitted with gaskets that reduce sound and vibration. Hinges and door latches are stylish and solid—they operate easily and close with authority. Floors in the heads and shower enclosures are marble, the latter having drains that are concealed by an intricate inlay pattern. No detail has been overlooked. There is even a closet to stow the hose for the central vacuum system.

Being offered for sale through Yacht IN, you are invited to bring offers without any hesitation.

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