If you’re embarking on a luxury yacht charter holiday in the Mediterranean and are wondering about the perfect attire for your trip, you won’t have to look past this packing list.

Vacation preparation. It’s never as easy as we all hope, and that’s hugely due to the fear of not having your entire wardrobe to choose from in those ‘what if’ moments when traveling. While you can mostly get away with packing a chunk of your closet for getaways at hotels or holiday homes, you don’t have that luxury on your superyacht charter holiday. But don’t sound the alarm just yet… it’s because you don’t need to!

The packing checklist for your next luxury yacht charter holiday in the Mediterranean will inevitably be a bit different from other vacations, and we’re here to reveal exactly what you need to remove any doubts when those ‘what if’ moments pop into your packing brain.

So, what's the ideal packing checklist for cruising around breathtaking turquoise coastlines, lunching on remote islands, sipping wine at sunset, and exploring every part of the sea you meet?

Let’s start with the essentials.

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Follow the weather and your itinerary

Whether your next luxury yacht charter holiday is setting off in the pleasant spring, the heat of the summer, or as the yachting season winds down in October, you’ll need to slightly alter your packing list due to the temperatures on the Mediterranean Coast. Fortunately for you, the Mediterranean climate is known for its mild off-season temperatures and warm summer weather, which often spills into spring and extends until autumn.

To break it down, the lesson here is simple - what you pack for your luxury yacht charter holiday will hugely follow the projected weather forecast. So, our tip? Pack according to the expected temperature (with an understanding that there could be slight changes), plan for a Plan B in case an unexpected storm or wind rolls in, and don’t pack outside your itinerary. Whether you have nice lunches and dinners planned, hikes and adventure tours, or a casual and easy go-with-the-flow trip ahead, choose outfits that correspond to your activities, and don’t let your mind wander too much.

Packing light - you’ll thank us later

Another vital tip to remember on your luxury yacht charter checklist is packing light. This is a cardinal rule for your yacht charter holiday for many reasons.

For starters, let’s think about yacht attire in general. Those warm summer days on the coast will likely have you living in your swimsuit, flowy cover-ups and dresses, shorts, and short sleeves - in other words, clothing items that don’t take up much space. Linen is also your best friend in the summertime and a go-to for yacht attire enthusiasts thanks to its comfort and ability to breathe and dress up or down with ease. And of course, a hat and sunglasses are a must.

Evenings on a yacht charter often call for a more sophisticated attire, especially if you plan on dining at upscale restaurants or attending events onshore. Pack a few elegant outfits, such as a cocktail dress for women and a blazer or collared shirt paired with tailored trousers for men. Choose fabrics that are less prone to wrinkling, and don't forget to pack a light jacket or wrap for cooler evenings.

Not surprisingly, the barefoot rule is king on board your luxury yacht, while a pair of summer sandals and sneakers are recommended for when you hop off. Guests who do not want to walk barefoot will have slippers available to them on board, and should the guest wish to wear shoes, they must be shoes with soft soles, or what we like to call "deck shoes", similar to loafers.

With this thought in mind, packing for your luxury yacht charter holiday doesn’t need to be complicated. And don’t let your mind convince you otherwise when those ‘what if’ moments come into play.

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Leave the bulky suitcase at home

Speaking of packing light, by doing so, you get to leave the big and bulky suitcase at home. Not only is this a win because you’ll essentially have fewer clothing items to bring that take up less space, but the reality is that big and bulky suitcases are not your friend on most luxury yachts.

Your yacht cabin will not be as spacious as a hotel room you’d otherwise book on land. And because cabin sizes are smaller by comparison, there isn’t as much room to accommodate a larger suitcase. It’s always recommended that guests bring a duffle bag or a soft suitcase that can easily be stored, leaving you more room to enjoy your sleeping quarters without needing to push things around to get around.

Don’t forget the essentials

When packing your clothes, it’s easy to stop and think twice about if you really need to bring something. But some essentials don’t have that luxury, such as the irreplaceable essentials you can’t easily duplicate. 

Namely, don’t forget all of your important travel documents and any prescription medicines you won’t be able to find abroad. Remember that many locations you’ll visit will be off-the-beaten-path spots without access to fully-equipped pharmacies or shops. This is especially important for anyone with a medical condition who regularly takes medicine. While it’s not fun to think about, pack the essentials you’d need if you found yourself in an emergency.

What about SPF?

Those long summer days under the Mediterranean sun will do wonders to bronze your skin but could also leave you with an excruciating sunburn if not appropriately prevented. Because of the intense rays on the coast, sunscreen is a must on your luxury yacht charter. Our crew already ensures that there is SPF and sun protection on board for guests, but if you plan on bringing a special cream or brand from home, kindly keep in mind that it should not be spray-on or oil-based. Bringing a cream-based sunscreen will prevent any damage to the teak details on your luxury yacht.

There is no need to double up

Speaking to your luxury charter consultant before your trip is necessary, as they will know exactly what’s on board, from body wash and shampoo to other items like adapters and sunscreen. And if you still need to buy things when you arrive? Your luxury charter consultant will not only be able to tell you where to shop, but in some cases, they can grab the items for you in advance. It’s important to note that while most luxury yachts have adapters, they may only carry a few, which is likely insufficient to cover your group. It’s always wise to bring EU adapters from home to ensure all your electronics can be properly charged.

You don’t have to lose sleep over your packing checklist. Instead, keep the vacation preparation fun and use our tips for an unforgettable luxury yacht charter holiday in the Mediterranean sun.

  1. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.
  2. Consult your luxury charter consultant for onboard amenities and items.
  3. Opt for a duffle bag or soft suitcase to maximize space in the yacht cabin.
  4. First the essentials: pack a hat, sunglasses, and swimsuit.
  5. Pack light and choose clothes suitable for the expected temperature and activities.
  6. Include elegant evening attire for upscale dining or events.
  7. Follow the barefoot rule and bring comfortable summer sandals and sneakers.
  8. Bring your favorite cream-based sunscreen.
  9. Don't forget essential travel documents and prescription medicines.
  10. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Feel free to contact our luxury yacht charter consultants with further questions to make your upcoming yacht holiday at sea a breeze: charter@yacht-in.com.