What makes a community? A brief definition would say that it is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. But there is more to it, it is the stories and struggles they share, and ultimately - hope. We, humans, have an inherent need to take care of each other and belong somewhere, it is in our nature.


Throughout the years, Yacht IN has built its community of like-minded people all across the world. These relationships are built on the same values and trust. We might be a small family, but the bond we have is strong. We are grateful to every single person who chose to be a part of our journey!

Although we are scattered around the world, the sea is what connects us. Not just us, but many other communities too. For some, the sea is a way of life, a dream holiday, and for some, it is a home. One of those, who found their home in the sea, are dolphins. Intelligent and social creatures who care for each other. 

This admired animal is, as you probably know, an endangered species. This year the Yacht IN family has decided to “think global, act local” and what better way to do so than to support the ones who take care of the sea and its endangered residents. We have partnered with Blue World Institute, an organization with a mission to secure the future of the Adriatic sea and the viability of its marine ecosystems and species. We are immensely proud and grateful that we are able to donate and be a part of this noble cause. 

Nature is the environment in which we work and it is inseparable from our daily activities. Our long-term goal is to invest in projects like the Adriatic Dolphin Project which contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

- Barbara Grgurević Škoda, Yacht IN Charter Manager

We are extremely pleased when the company from the nautical sector recognizes the importance of preserving the marine environment as a habitat for marine species and has the motivation and effort to make its business sustainable.

- Henrieta Belegišanin, BWI Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility programs 

We encourage you to give back to your community. Caring about a mutual cause brings people together. Christmas Cheer can be found in many things!

Yacht IN team wishes you joyful and peaceful holidays and a happy New Year.

*Read more about the Adriatic Dolphin Project here and find out how you can support it.