CROATIA is a country of incredible natural beauty, and its diversity is awe-inspiring. From beautiful mountain ranges to islands scattered across the crystal blue sea, all the most beautiful of Croatia can be seen in its eight national parks – Plitvice Lakes, Kornati, Krka, Northern Velebit, Paklenica, Mljet, Brijuni and Risnjak. For this occasion, we will focus on the national parks that can be visited by yacht: Brijuni, Kornati, Krka and Mljet. Visiting these natural beauties will surely be one of the peaks of any private yacht charter in Croatia. Our dedicated and professional crew will help you on every step of the way, and organize for you a perfect yacht adventure.

BRIJUNI – Luxury mixed with natural beauty

Small island Gaz in NP Brijuni, photo by Boris Kačan

Brijuni, a magical archipelago located not far from Pula is considered the pearl of the Istrian peninsula, and an ideal vacation spot for a luxury yacht charter. Brijuni Islands consists of 14 islands and islets that offer a perfect mix of nature and rich historical heritage. It’s a paradise on Earth and a place that presents a vacation for your body, soul, and mind. You can enjoy exploring the islands, doing some sports, or finding a perfect spot to chill and put your mind at ease.

What to do: On Brijuni Islands you’ll never get bored. You can either swim and enjoy its clear blue sea, or go and visit some of the most famous historical places like Safari Park, which was owned by the president of the former Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. There he hosted delegations from all over the world, like Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, Olaf, King of Norway, and Elizabeth, Queen of Great Britain. In Safari Park you can find a lot of exotic and autochthonous animals, which makes it a great place to visit with kids. With Koki the cockatoo as main entertainer, fun and laughter is unavoidable.

If you are more of a sports lover, even on vacation, you can do the bike trail or enjoy playing golf in some of the most beautiful golf fields in the world. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the construction of a golf course on Veliki Brijun, so we can say you’ll be witnessing a true history here.

KORNATI - Serenity, silence and lunar landscapes

Turquoise bays in the Kornati Islands, photo by Boris Kačan

Kornati is the largest and most indented marine park in the Mediterranean, a wonder of nature, a labyrinth of 89 islands, islets and cliffs, and a paradise for yachties all over the world. You can explore this paradise on Earth on our 3-day itinerary to the Kornati archipelago.

Kornati Islands are located in the central Adriatic in northern Dalmatia at the confluence of Šibenik and Zadar islands. The park's name is derived from the Latin word "corona" which means crown, and they are named after the largest island - Kornat. Whether you look at the islands from the sea, land, or air, the experience is unique. Still, this archipelago is a memorable experience to visit by boat, which makes Kornati Islands a very attractive destination for yacht charters worldwide. This impressive island chain was recognized for its landscapes, geological diversity and unique flora and fauna as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What to do:  The only thing you can do here is enjoying the untouched nature and explore Croatian cuisine in one of the best restaurants in Croatia. This hidden treasure is heaven for everyone searching for serenity, quiet, and a natural ambiance. Sailing through these lunar landscapes will bring you the feeling of being so estranged and yet so close to this world, that’s why it’s a perfect place to visit on your honeymoon trip to Croatia. This island-protected area provides a unique opportunity for water recreation sports like stand-up paddling or kayaking.  Dive or snorkel within the crystal-clear seas for some breathtaking underwater scenes. Our lovely crew will help you discover all the hidden treasures of this magical place, and set you up with everything you need.

KRKA - Noisy play of water is the only noise you'll hear

Waterfall at National Park Krka, photo by Boris Kačan

Krka National Park, a hypnotic play of water, waterfalls, cascades and lakes is just a 2-hour sail from the city of Šibenik. If you choose our 7-day itinerary for Central Dalmatia you can visit both National Parks, Kornati, and Krka.

On an area of slightly more than 100 square kilometers, there are seven impressive waterfalls, where the most famous one is Skradinski buk, a 45-meter-high waterfall, which is easiest to visit from a small town called Skradin.

The town lies on a lake and is one of the most iconic spots on the Croatian coast. Krka river is also one extensive ecosystem and the giant mussel-growing natural habitat in Croatia that you can admire while cruising upriver. Rich biodiversity, unique flora, lush-green forests, cultural and historical sites, sparkling lakes and ethereal waterfalls will leave you breathless.

What to do: As Krka is one of the most visited destinations in Croatia, but also very crowded, we made sure to prepare for you an exclusive VIP treat. Directly from your yacht, you will have an arranged transfer waiting to drive you to the waterfalls. The drive takes around 20 minutes and offers you a fantastic view of Skradin, the canyon, and the river. After a short walk to see the waterfalls, a special boat will be waiting for you to drive you around the park. You will have the chance to visit Visovac, a small island where the Franciscan monastery is located, dating back to the 14th century.  Throughout its history, Visovac was and remains an island of peace and prayer, and its Franciscan monastery is an indestructible fortress of spirituality and faith. After visiting Visovac, we will take you to Roški slap to have the most memorable meal with your feet in the water in the exclusive place located only a few meters from the waterfall. We are here to make your vacation a dream, and by visiting Krka National Park you will feel like you never want to wake up.

MLJET - The greenest island with historical heritage

A picturesque monastery on a tiny island of St. Mary, photo by Boris Kačan

The "green island" Mljet is considered to be among the most beautiful islands in Croatia. For its exceptional beauty, accented landscape values, dense forests, fertile fields, underwater caves, turquoise waters, and numerous rare species, 1/3 of the island is now a state-protected area. Since Mljet is only a short cruising trip away from Dubrovnik, this little gem is one of the favorite spots for a 7-day Dubrovnik luxury yacht charter.

One of the most interesting places on Mljet is Odysseus’ Cave. According to legend, the central part of the island’s natural treasure trove was given an important role by one of the greatest ancient Greek poets, Homer. During the summer months, around noon, when the sun is at its strongest, the sea displays so many shades of blue that you’ll wish you never leave this place.

What to do: From the moment you arrive at this mesmerizing place, the only thing you will think about is how to explore it as much as possible. Luckily for you, there are a lot of options, and our crew is at your complete disposal for all of them. One of the options is cycling, a great way to cover more ground with the well-marked bike paths. On the southern side of Veliko Jezero you can find a tiny island of St. Mary, with a picturesque monastery from the 12th century. If you prefer to explore underwater, just grab the snorkeling equipment available on your yacht and start exploring. In case you want to learn how to dive, this is a perfect opportunity. Mljet has an actual coral reef, one-of-a-kind in Croatia, which guarantees you the most unique underwater experience.

47.5m superyacht ALALYA on the island of Mljet

These are some of the places in Croatia that are definitely worth a visit, but of course, there is much more to be seen. You can choose some of our yacht charter itineraries, or we can create a custom one.

If you are considering this kind of completely individualized luxury holiday in Croatia, specifically designed for you, our comprehensive Yacht Charter Guide can help you get familiar with the yacht charter glossary and some basic information. Do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to answer any questions and suggest the most suitable itinerary for you as well as the best vessel for the needs of your group.

Our local yacht brokers, who are native to this region, professional and hospitable crew ready to meet your demands, and a captain with extensive maritime experience will be glad to fulfill your every wish.