Apart from enjoying sea activities and endless lazy hours on the yacht surrounded by beautiful nature and picturesque coastal towns, a vacation in Dalmatia is the perfect opportunity to get to know this area in a more active way, sometimes with a dose of adrenaline. It’s not a bad idea to insert a small detour into your luxury yacht charter itinerary and experience something new on one of the many activities on our list. Below is an alphabet of active vacation on the Croatian coast.

Big-game fishing

As the name itself says, this is not your ordinary fishing trip which is usually synonymous with relaxation and peace. Big-game fishing is an adrenaline-filled adventure around the Adriatic that connects sport fishing, enjoying the beautiful nature and it tests your patience. The Adriatic is hugely popular as you can fish year-round and the weather is pleasant. Greater amberjack, bluefin tuna, swordfish, even sharks can be caught on these trips. Arm yourself with patience and determination and hop on the boat with an experienced crew of fishermen who will take you to the best spots. And when the rod starts shaking, hold on tight and don’t let go!


Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is probably the most popular activity among those looking for a big adrenaline hit, that and skydiving of course. Can you imagine anything more thrilling than that feeling of free-falling for a few seconds? Bungee jumping is immensely popular and Croatia has two great spots, Maslenica Bridge near Zadar and Krka Bridge near Šibenik. The first one is the highest jumping point in Croatia with a whopping 56 meters and the second is 40 meters high but the feeling is just as thrilling.


Canyoning combines different activities to navigate through rugged canyons. As the terrain changes, your tour might include hiking, swimming, climbing, navigating river rapids, abseiling, and going around waterfalls. Karst terrain around Croatian rivers and the canyons they formed is the perfect setting for such an adventure. The most popular choice is canyoning in the river Cetina canyon, it is suitable for both beginners and more experienced adventurers. This beautiful spot is just a short car ride away from Split, but far enough to get away from the busy city streets and overcrowded beaches. 

Cycling and mountain biking tours

Cycling offers a unique perspective and lets you explore and experience your surroundings in a whole new way, all the while getting a good workout. Croatian coast and islands are intertwined with bicycle paths. Explore National Parks, join guided city tours or discover remote places during off-road tours. 



Croatia is full of nature paths suitable for all, from beginners to more experienced hikers used to more vigorous tours. The terrain near the coast is very diverse and the scenery changes very quickly. You can walk over beautiful Croatian mountains like Velebit and Biokovo, see the mesmerizing greenery and canyons of rivers Zrmanja and Cetina, and much more. Even our islands are full of paths and lookouts with breathtaking views. Hiking is an activity that you can safely do alone if you are well prepared and experienced, but countless guided tours are available in many parts of the coast. 

Jeep Safari

An adventure in old school jeeps through the karst terrain of Velebit mountain and Zrmanja canyon is an amazing opportunity to experience the unspoiled nature and photo-worthy views. The off-road tour takes you through the longest Croatian mountain range where life has stopped for a second. You will have the opportunity to learn about the local shepherds who have lived in the mountain for centuries, see the imposing National Park Paklenica canyon on one side and Zadar archipelago on the other. If you are lucky, you might even get the chance to see herds of wild horses. Old macadam roads will lead you to the famous filming location of Winnetou above Zrmanja canyon. Sounds like fun, right?


There are two kinds of kayaking, both very popular, sea kayaking and river kayaking. Sea kayaking is an activity that allows you to see the attractive locations along the coast from a different perspective. Almost every coastal city offers a tour, imagine paddling under the historic Dubrovnik city walls. For those looking to get away from the busy towns filled with tourists, there are many tours around the islands. The options are endless, from sweet and short sunset tours to day-long (or even more) paddling adventures where you can explore secluded bays, caves, paddle under cliffs, and enjoy the diversity of the Croatian coast. The Adriatic is definitely the perfect playground for kayaking! If you are looking for a bit more active and adventurous way of experiencing Croatian rivers, kayaking is the way to go. Zrmanja river has been one of the best-known locations for rafting and kayaking in this area. Put your helmet and vest on and start paddling, navigating down the river rapids and falls through intact nature will surely be a memorable experience. 


Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

Croatia may not be known for kitesurfing and windsurfing, but there are some amazing spots along the coast for all enthusiasts. From Medulin, Ližnjan, and Premantura in Istria, Nin, and Bol in central/southern Dalmatia all the way down to Pelješac and the firth of river Neretva in the south. There are windsurfing and kitesurfing schools in almost all of the locations, so you will be surfing and flying in no time even if you have never tried it. 


Quad tours

Quad off-road tours are becoming increasingly popular, and it is obvious why. An adrenaline-filled adventure through nature, safe and suitable for everyone, what’s not to like? Quad tours are available almost anywhere now and the demand is skyrocketing. A day off the beach, riding natural gems of the Dalmatian coast is the perfect getaway.


Rafting is another wonderful way to experience unspoiled nature. Unlike kayaking, rafting is more of a team activity. An adventurous spirit, a like-minded group of friends, and decent swimming skills are all you need. The two most popular locations are the Zrmanja and Cetina rivers. The rafting season depends on the water levels and the best conditions are usually in late spring/early summer and late summer/early fall. 

Rock climbing

If you know anything about rock climbing, you probably know about National Park Paklenica as it is the oldest European rock climbing site, and one of the top locations to this day. The outstanding beauty of the canyon is located very close to the shore which is just one of many features that makes this location unique. The canyon has almost 600 single-pitch and multi-pitch routes differing in grades so all levels of climbers can find a suitable route. The most famous rock by far is Anića Kuk, which attracts climbers from all over the world. 



As you can imagine, the Adriatic is full of diving spots. It is possible to arrange scuba-diving lessons on board with a licensed professional who will teach you everything you need to know to make your first dive. There are countless diving centers along the coast that offer guided diving excursions and courses. The undiscovered world below the sea surface is full of surprises! 



If you have a bucket list of things you want to do at least once in your life, there is a chance that jumping out of a plane is on that list. This is the ultimate adrenaline thrill, combine it with the breathtaking scenery of the Adriatic coast and you will definitely get an experience of a lifetime. 


Snorkeling is easy, less technical than scuba diving and does not require any special skill, just a pair of fins and a mask. Snorkeling equipment is a standard on almost every charter yacht and it is a great way to explore the rich and diverse underwater world on your swim stops. 



SUP or stand-up paddling is another activity usually available during your luxury yacht charter in Croatia. Most of the yachts have at least one SUP board available. This water sport has been a huge hit in recent years as it is very fun and super easy. A board, a paddle, and a little bit of balance are all you need.



Zip-lining is the activity of “flying” through the air, attached to a cable line while sitting or laying in a safety harness. The experience is exhilarating and allows you to get a unique perspective of nature below and around. Zip-lining over Cetina and Čikola canyons are two very popular spots near the coast, just a short ride away from the shore. 

Your yacht charter specialist can arrange your adventure and book it for you, just be sure to mention it in advance.