Sometimes, the best product innovations come out of a hobby, or a favor for a client. Such was the case with Yacht IN’s new range of custom-built modular workshops, fondly known as ‘MOWO’.

As a boutique yacht brokerage and yacht management company, Yacht IN was not expecting to start designing custom-built racing containers and mobile workshops for the international regatta circuit. But fate intervened when Yacht IN became the race and regatta management team for NAHITA, a Wally 80 that was racing in the prestigious Wally Class Trophy. The NAHITA team soon found that the conventional racing containers available on the market didn’t meet NAHITA’s specific needs for comfortable, high-spec mobile workshops and logistics and storage containers. 

Always an innovator, the Yacht IN team took on the challenge to design and build highly customized mobile workshop/logistics hub/storage containers: ones which are specifically designed for the racing superyacht sector, and that would be built to superyacht standard. These containers would overcome the typical problems of other commercial racing containers; that is that they are often big in volume but don’t utilize the space effectively, they aren’t built to superyacht standard, or that they aren’t very easy to transport. 


And so MOWO was born: heavily customized, high-spec racing containers and mobile workshops, built by industry insiders who understand the demands of the regatta circuit. 

When Yacht IN delivered their first containers to NAHITA, the crew and Owner were deeply impressed with their functionality and design, as they made the complex logistics of the racing circuit more comfortable and easier to handle. As NAHITA travelled around the Wally circuit, other teams started commenting on the effectiveness of the mobile workshop and storage, and the orders started rolling in. A new arm of the Yacht IN business had inadvertently been created – purely through a desire to have their team race at maximum performance, rather than any concerted plan to expand. The best business ideas come from passion.

Each resulting MOWO has been bespoke, and heavily customized for each race team’s requirements. In 2019 Yacht IN delivered its first commercial modular workshop container, custom-built for the Swan 50 STELLA MARIS, which competes in the Club Swan 50 Class. This MOWO is dual purpose, with both workshop and storage in one single container – and is cleverly designed to maximize space, functionality, and comfort. 


In truth, Yacht IN are perfectly positioned to deliver these container custom solutions: their experience as race & regatta managers, sailors, and shipping agents gives them real insight into what the teams need on the ground. In short: what will help these race teams stay organized, stay comfortable, and win races. And to do it all in trademark superyacht style, when only the best will do. 

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