How does spending your honeymoon on the Adriatic Sea with a special someone sound to you? You’d get to visit the secluded places of incredible beauty and unreal peace, where the two of you will be left alone from the world, and it will seem like all your wishes can easily come true. A luxury yacht charter vacation is the perfect choice for a romantic honeymoon escape. You get a chance to write your own love story by visiting a different idyllic destination every day, swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, enjoying water sports or wellness and relaxation, walking hand in hand on lovely beaches, sailing away into the amazing sunsets...

Honeymoon yacht charter experience

By choosing a yacht charter for your honeymoon you will have all the privacy that you need and the luxury treatment that you deserve. You will enjoy a dinner in one of the seaside restaurants under the candlelight and mingle with people in the narrow streets of Mediterranean vivacious towns. However, if the two of you are looking for exciting nightlife, there is an option to visit cities that never sleep and party like you never partied before.

Discrete crew members will please you and spoil you in every possible way, preparing culinary delights with the finest local products. You will visit both vivid and picturesque places of your choice, but also some secluded anchorages and crowd-free beaches. Can you think of a better way to start your marriage life? 

Speaking of island hopping for adventurous couples, here are some of the most romantic places to visit in Croatia and Montenegro during your honeymoon yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

1. Island of Love: Galešnjak

Lover’s Island or the Island of Love is a visual masterpiece of nature, located in the Pašman canal in Dalmatia, Croatia. The image of this heart-shaped isle has become famous around the globe and it is the most visited place near Zadar since it is visually attractive and very ‘instagrammable’. The island of Galešnjak is known as a romantic wedding venue and a great place for a photo session. People who have already visited it expressed their wish to stay a little longer but, regrettably, there is no accommodation on the island. Nothing but crystal clear water, wild plants, and a small colony of wild pigeons and wild rabbits can be found here. 

Predator108_galesnjak island_croatia.JPG
Island Galešnjak near Zadar

The first written trail about Galešnjak’s unusual shape was in the 19th century by Napoleon’s cartographer who inscribed it in his atlas of the Dalmatian coast.

Fun fact: besides this famous Lover’s Island, Croatia has many other islands in the shape of the heart similar to Galešnjak - Lukovnik island, Rončić island, Mrtonjak island, Lisac island, and Gromilica island.

2. The wild beauty of Kornati

Kornati archipelago by Boris Kacan

Kornati archipelago is located in the northern part of Dalmatia and consists of 140 islands, out of which 89 are a part of the Kornati National Park. The islands are mostly uninhabited, except for the fact that they are home to olive and fig trees and 69 varieties of butterflies. Some of the isles have small restaurants reachable by boat, where you can taste wine from the autochthonous types of grapes grown in regional vineyards and grab a bite of the fresh “catch of the day” brought by local fishermen. 

3. Split full of charm

A look at Split from your yacht

Stroll down the streets of the old town of Split, dine at Pjaca, visit St Domnius cathedral and Diocletian’s palace, climb the slopes of Marjan park, see sensational marble sculptures created by Meštrović, and enjoy live music in the bars and performances of street musicians along the Riva (promenade) under the palm trees. Split is a stunning city full of romantic places - whether it comes to natural beauties, works of art and architecture, charming cafes and restaurants, or well-preserved historic buildings.

4. Hvar is just made for couples

Hvar old town with a backdrop of Pakleni islands by Boris Kačan

Hvar looks as if it is made for couples who want something different when it comes to vacation. You can climb the hill above Hvar town to get to Fortica (Spanish fortress) with its amazing view and an open-air botanical garden. Other treasures of Hvar island that you should discover are Pakleni otoci, Venetian terrace, wine tasting experiences (combined with spa and wellness), and you can listen to a traditional a capella performed by a group of singers called ‘klapa’. With old fishing villages that stayed preserved for centuries, galleries and museums, and breathtaking landscapes, the island of Hvar has a lot to offer - you can go hiking, swimming, cycling, or be pampered in vineyards’ holistic experiences.

5. No place is as romantic as Korčula 

Charter Yacht Predator 108 QUANTUM docked in Port of Korcula

With its picturesque Venetian-like buildings, Marco Polo’s home, windsurfing schools, Korčula Town museum, and donkey safari, it is never boring on Korčula island. You can visit a local olive farm and see the whole process of olive oil production, as well as taste and buy different types of oils as a souvenir. Enjoy the glass of white wine made of autochthonous Croatian grape variety called Pošip and Grk and relish in fresh oysters. Taking someone to the island of Korčula is one of the best ways to show your love for that person.

6. Love stories of Dubrovnik

The choice of places near Dubrovnik for couples is varied and almost infinite - walking around the old walls, visiting the rural region of Konavle, getting lost in the 15-century palace Trsteno and its gardens (known to every Game of Thrones’ fan). You can also pay a visit to Lokrum and Lopud islands or ride in the Dubrovnik cable car to the top of the mountain Srđ and be enchanted by the view of the city. And a treat for true fans: you can take the Game of Thrones tour to discover some of the best-known filming locations.

Magical Dubrovnik by Boris Kačan

Let’s not forget the Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik, as it is truly one of a kind. Its unique collection is dedicated to love and stories of romance, and also displays the items that have a sentimental value.

7. Mali Lošinj - the island of health

Mali Lošinj is truly the island of vitality and quality of life. Secret beaches and secluded bays, the scent of the pines and the sea offer natural aromatherapy. 

Port of Mali Lošnj, located in Kvarner bay. Photo source: CNTB, author: Goran Razic

Providenca is the highest point with views of Lošinj and the most romantic place on the island. Čikat is a pebble sandy beach surrounded by pine forest, long promenades by the sea where you can see historical villas of Austrian nobility and take a break in one of the lovely nearby restaurants (or as the locals refer to them - ‘konoba’).

The nearby island of Susak with its sandy beach will hide you from the crowds. Immersing your toes into the yellow dust will make you feel like you’ve landed on the Moon.

8. Tower of Love at Silba

Silba is a small island in the shape of the number eight with a surface of only 15 square kilometres. It is completely free of vehicles - only small tractors are allowed to deliver supplies and mail. The island is known for its romantic atmosphere and is referred to as the ‘Gates of Dalmatia’. Silba’s landmark, a 15-meter tower called the Tower of Love or Toreta, offers incredible views and is worth climbing.

Toreta Tower on Silba Island

The island of Silba became popular in the 1970s as a safe place for artists, naturists, hippies, musicians, and people with alternative lifestyles who enjoyed spending their free time meditating and doing yoga. Nowadays, it attracts hikers and people who seek peace and quiet. There is also a spot near Silba where you can see dolphins. Silba is a synonym for peace, relaxation, and ecology.

9. Experience Zadar through all your senses

Known for the most beautiful sunset in the world, Zadar is the oldest continuously-inhabited town in Croatia. It is the city of romance and love and is famed for its extraordinary landmarks such as the Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun monument. 

Sea Organs at Zadar Riva. Photo source: Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar, author Filip Brala

Sea Organ in Zadar is an architectural art object which plays music when hit by waves, so you can just sit on the steps and listen to the symphony composed by the sea. Monument to the Sun or The Greeting to the Sun is a stone-paved waterfront that consists of 300 solar plates that absorb solar energy during the day and create stunning light effects at night.

10. Glamourous Sveti Stefan

Dating back to the 15th century, the island of Sveti Stefan (St Stefan) in Montenegro has been a summer resort for elite tourists and celebrities. Hollywood stars who were frequent visitors in the 70s made it popular among jet-setters - from Orson Welles, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren, but also the members of Italian and English royal families who, too, found their perfect sanctuary on Sveti Stefan island. This iconic island played host to the Beckham family, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. One of the best tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic, even booked the entire island for his wedding! 

Sveti Stefan, source Instagram @doounias

Those who seek authentic experiences often choose to book their accommodation in Aman Resort, the clash of 15th and 19 century architecture. Guests can reside in one of their suits or fisherman’s cottages, both boasting stellar views of the Adriatic and pinewoods that grace the coastline. The resort is the perfect getaway for those who seek solace. You can dine in the shades of pines, reserve a day for a spa, or charter a yacht and explore the surrounding area.  

From here you can head to the nearby Miločer beach which is certainly one of the most beautiful ones on the Adriatic seashore, with its pine trees and the amazing view of Sveti Stefan.

Other romantic towns in Montenegro that you should visit during your yacht charter vacation are the old town of Budva, the old town of Kotor and the stone village of Perast. 

The Citadel, churches, museums, the medieval city walls, the Roman ruins and other remains of history and legends will make your walk through the old town of Budva magical. Perast was built in a baroque style, resembling historic Italian cities, which is not that surprising since the town is the product of the Venetian rule. Kotor lies in the dramatic scenery of the Bay of Kotor and is classified as UNESCO world heritage. The main square is called Trg od oružja (Piazza of the Arms) and it is a great starting point for your tour through the town. All these towns are architecturally stunning and immersed in history, so don’t miss out on them if you like pine tree alleys, narrow streets, houses with stone walls and red roofs, old churches, well-preserved monuments, and landmarks from the Middle ages.

If you would like to discover the best of what Adriatic has to offer, find out more about our luxury yacht charter itineraries. Luxury yacht charter is the most romantic experience and unforgettable tailor-made adventure for a young married couple. Don’t hesitate to contact our yacht charter specialist to get more information and start planning your trip.

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