The Croatian coast is a dream for yachters all summer long, and it's undoubtedly a playground of entertainment no matter when you choose to visit. If you’re looking to make the most of your ideal summer holiday at sea, you’ll want to head to one of the magical music festivals that light up the Adriatic this summer.

As we are getting closer to the summer season, we can’t help but think about the tasty lineup of DJs and musicians gracing the coast with their presence, from the ultra popular Ultra Europe to the already well-known Sonus. And what’s the best way to make it onto the dancefloor? By cruising there on your next luxury yacht charter, of course!

Unwrap the beauty of the Croatian coastline, feel the caress of the warm breeze on your skin, and taste the salt on your lips as you ride into the sunset sounds of your favorite music artists. Embark on a journey that follows the harmonies of the Mediterranean as you set sail from one sensational festival experience to the next. Mix the magic of music with the melodies of the Croatian coast and let loose with an exhilarating lineup of the six best festivals in Croatia this summer. Trust us - you’ll be strapping on your dancing shoes in no time.

Hideout Festival,
June 23 - 27

Photo source: Hideout Festival
Photo source: Hideout Festival

It all kicks off with Hideout Festival, bringing the sounds of some of the world’s top DJs to Croatia’s most famous party spot - Zrće Beach. Start your yacht charter in Zadar and set sail to the island of Pag for the party of your life. Join the thousands of fellow revelers as you dance beneath the starlit sky, with the sound of crashing waves providing the perfect backdrop to the music. With world-class DJs and cutting-edge performances, Hideout Festival delivers an electrifying experience that will leave you craving more long after the music fades.

Ultra Europe Festival,
July 12 - 14

Photo source: Ultra Europe Festival
Photo source: Ultra Europe Festival

Get ready to be swept away by the electrifying atmosphere of Ultra Europe Festival. Transforming Split into a pulsating dance capital, this festival is a magnet for electronic music lovers from around the globe. Sail into the heart of the action and experience the euphoria as world-renowned DJs ignite the stage with their exhilarating beats. In the meantime, use the chance to explore stunning islands in Central Dalmatia on your very own private yacht. 

Defected Croatia
, August 1-4

Photo source: Defected Croatia

The party continues to Tisno, a small fishing village turned Croatia’s summer music festival capital, where you’ll sail into Garden Resort for the dance music favorite Defected Croatia. This already legendary festival unites world-class talent from around the globe for a week-long extravaganza on the Adriatic. Drop anchor and dive head first into the sounds of house and disco DJs who amplify a series of captivating stages. Take a break from the dancefloor to unwind under the sizzling sun before relieving your body in the crystal-blue sea so the infectious beats can take hold of you all over again. An immersive festival experience that blends the best of the Adriatic with the hottest dance music around, Defected is one dance party you won’t want to miss.

Barrakud Festival
, August 11-15

Photo source: Barrakud Festival

Cruise back from Tisno to the island of Pag for your next party stop, Barrakud Festival. Barrakud beckons on Pag’s most famous beach, Zrće, as blistering techno and house music fill the ears of eager partygoers. Drop anchor near this prominent party beach and watch DJs take the stage across a series of days and nightclubs set to the backdrop of one of Croatia’s most stunning entertainment stops. Feel the bass from your luxurious yacht home base, where you’ll never grow tired from the party. Regroup back on board and dance under the stars until the sun rises again. The captivating beats seamlessly harmonize with the sea for an unforgettable yacht charter evening.

Sonus Festival, August 18-22

Photo source: Sonus Festival

This summer you cannot miss the iconic Sonus Festival. Already long on the radar of international festival goers, we’d like to argue that you haven't truly experienced Sonus if you haven't been escorted there on a luxury yacht charter. Moor your yacht at Noa Yacht Club so you’re always within reach of this famous beach, where a string of stages blast techno and house music from sunrise to sundown. Recharge by exploring this idyllic island for the day, or keep the party going with raging boat parties to keep your toes twinkling to the grooves. This festival experience effortlessly blends the bliss of being on a yacht with world-class electronic music. You’re the only thing that is missing.

Dimensions Festival
, August 29 - September 2

Photo source: Dimensions Festival

And as all good things must come to an end, so does your Croatian music festival adventure. But don’t think we won’t go out with a bang. Say a long goodbye to the Croatian coast with one of the best music festivals in Croatia - Dimensions. Cruise back to the Garden Resort in Tisno for one last hurrah at sea, where the sounds of the underground will guide you through your final week. Drop anchor to dive deep into the stunning seaside festival grounds where the dance floors sit atop unbeatable Mediterranean scenery. Let the pulse of the music be your heartbeat from stage to stage as you dance through the sounds of the speakers and the sea. Is there a better finale to your musical yacht charter escapade?

Dance to the backdrop of Croatia’s sunset, lose yourself in the frenzy of Ultra Europe, dive into the beats at Defected and Dimensions, and keep the party going at Zrće Beach. Embarking on a musical yacht charter voyage allows you to fuse Croatia’s stunning seascapes with the sounds of your favorite artists. 

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