Ah, the captivating Amalfi. An enchanting Italian region that winds around steep serpentine roads for 40 kilometers, dotted with picturesque beaches and hidden coves, and sprinkled with historic landmarks and quaint fishing villages along its shores.

The Amalfi is a cerulean stretch of coastline that immerses its guests in the unparalleled beauty of southern Italy. Extending along the Tyrrhenian Sea, this UNESCO World Heritage site marries rocky cliffs and crystal-clear waters with vibrant cliffside villages. Thirteen charming towns mark this breathtaking bank, with iconic names like Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento helping to fuse these colorful hotspots with the world’s most beautiful scenery. With its romantic ambiance and Mediterranean magic, this coastal haven is a must-visit destination for yachters seeking seaside serenity and Italian coastal beauty. Whether you wish to swim in its secluded grottoes, explore its perfectly preserved landmarks, embrace its aromatic cliffside gardens, or indulge in the best of Mediterranean cuisine with a glass of limoncello in hand, the Amalfi Coast promises an idyllic escape for luxury yacht charter enthusiasts. And it is the perfect destination for superyachts seeking authentic Italian culture and unbeatable cruising conditions.

Positano, Photo credit: Jānis Beitiņš

How many days is enough on the Amalfi Coast?

When planning your next Amalfi yachting escapade, it's crucial to ensure you get the most out of cruising the coastline. Chances are, you’ll be left wishing you had more time to unwrap this stunning Italian region.

The Amalfi Coast is the best to visit between April and October, as the spring begins to warm the sea and the sun sizzles in the summertime. While the shoulder months of April, May, September, and October will be quieter and slightly cooler, they’re the best option if you’re looking to beat the crowds. As with any Mediterranean haven, the second half of June, July, and August abound in tourists on land and sea, with scorching temperatures to boot.

Whether cruising the Amalfi on a luxury yacht charter or settling on the mainland, you should plan for a minimum of 3 days to adventure around, while 5-7 days is ideal and allows you not to miss a beat.

Best places to stay on the Amalfi Coast

Positano - a coastal city in Italy

Perched like a colorful gem on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a cute and charismatic town that exudes charm. Known for its steep and winding streets coated with pastel-colored houses, Positano captivates visitors with its dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Bright bougainvillea spills down the colorful facades, with whimsical cafes, deluxe boutique shops, and artisanal ceramics adding to the town’s undeniable appeal. Positano's picturesque beach, Spiaggia Grande, is a hub of activity, offering sun-soaked relaxation or watersports for those looking for an adrenaline rush. Visitors can also explore historic sites like the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, adorned with a striking majolica-tiled dome and a Byzantine icon of a black Madonna. No wonder it’s considered the best city to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Photo credit: Antonio Sessa

Amalfi - coastal Italian paradise

The town that gives this famous coastline its name cannot be forgotten. Once one of Italy's most powerful maritime republics, Amalfi offers a glimpse into Italy's past while enchanting travelers with its natural splendor. With its timeless beauty and coastal allure, this picturesque town sits dramatically between cliffs and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Renowned for its medieval architecture, especially the majestic Duomo di Sant’Andrea (Cathedral of Saint Andrew) and its intricate Byzantine-influenced design with beautiful frescoes, Amalfi welcomes guests to wander its narrow alleys, quaint squares, artisan boutiques, and traditional eateries where seafood is king. The town's maritime heritage is celebrated through the Museo Della Carta, or Museum of Paper, highlighting Amalfi's historic paper production that dates back to the 13th century!

Photo credit: Lisa Gageler

Sorrento - Mediterranean gem

And how could we forget about taking the Amalfi Coast to Sorrento, the limoncello capital of Italy? With the fragrance of lemons in the air, Sorrento is a captivating coastal town that enchants visitors with its panoramic views and rich cultural heritage. Sitting atop cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples, taking a Sorrento to Amalfi Coast day trip is easy, decked out with a stunning backdrop of azure waters and the distant silhouette of Mount Vesuvius. But one thing makes Sorrento stand out from the rest of the towns on the Amalfi Coast - it is renowned for its production of limoncello liqueur, crafted from the region's abundant lemons that sprout from the town’s citrus-scented groves. The historic center boasts cobblestone streets with waterside restaurants and colorful artisan shops where you can find local crafts and intricate lacework.

Photo credit: Andy Holmes

Sights you should visit

The Amalfi Coast is a Mediterranean paradise waiting to be discovered, with hundreds of attractions that keep yachters busy on land and sea.

The Amalfi Cathedral, also known as Duomo di Sant’Andrea, is a masterpiece of medieval architecture and one of the most popular historical attractions on this coastline. Located in the center of Amalfi, its stunning facade boasts intricate Arab-Norman design elements, and visitors can marvel at its ornate interior and the crypt housing the relics of Saint Andrew, Amalfi's patron saint.

Some of the best towns to visit on the Amalfi Coast are Atrani and Ravello. With a surface area of 0.12 km, Atrani is the smallest town in Italy. Just a 10-minute walk from Amalfi town, Atrani allows you to experience the local way of life through its picturesque alleys, quaint piazzas, and colorful buildings that cascade down the cliffside. Perched high above the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is a tranquil haven known for its lush gardens, including the famous Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, an 11th-century noble home transformed into a 5-star hotel with stunning views from its infinity terrace 350 meters above the sea. Ravello is also famous for its churches, the 11th-century church Piazza Duomo and the San Giovanni del Toro.

Villa Cimbrone, Photo credit: Víctor Martín

Yachters, however, love Capri, a small island off the coast of Naples and a world-renowned gem of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is adorned with rugged cliffs, hidden grottoes, and crystalline waters, like the iconic Blue Grotto, a natural wonder illuminated by a luminous blue light. Once home to emperors and aristocrats, Capri today is known for the best shopping on the Amalfi Coast, decorated with high-end boutiques, decadent restaurants, and swanky nightlife. Explore the island’s villages like Anacapri and Capri Town to visit the Augustus Gardens or the historic Villa Jovis, once home to Emperor Tiberius. Take a chairlift to Mount Solaro for unmatched sea views from high up or yacht around the Faraglioni rocks.

47.5m superyacht Alalya in front of Faraglioni rocks

Hidden places on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast boasts a collection of stunning beaches along its picturesque shoreline. Fiordo di Furore, Italy’s only Fjord, lies south of Positano. Known as one of the most unique beaches on the Amalfi Coast, this fjord is set within a deep gorge, where cerulean water meets a pebbled surface. If you’re in Sorrento, Regina Giovanna Bath is a magical little cove not far from the town. Still unknown to the tracks of tourists, this beach marries crystalline waters and rocks under a natural arch that separates it from the open sea. You can also find the remains of an ancient Villa of Pollio Felice here, once home to the Duke of Naples. And if you’re looking for something really off the beaten path at sea? Ditch the Blue Grotto for Grotta dello Smeraldo, just south of Amalfi. This emerald cave produces a supernatural green light that illuminates stalactites and stalagmites, and it’s a lesser-known wonder to Capri’s tourists.

Regina Giovanna Bath, Photo credit: Italia.it

Is 5 days enough for Amalfi Coast?

We’ve already mentioned that spending five days on the Amalfi Coast is enough time to taste its beauty and experience some of its highlights. However, it may leave you longing for more.

Make the most of your luxury yacht charter and spend a week on the Amalfi Coast to be safe, allowing you to delve deeper into the culture, hike the scenic trails, or simply savor a more relaxed pace. If you have the flexibility, extending your stay to a week or more allows for a more immersive experience and the opportunity to discover even more hidden gems on this mesmerizing coastline.

Tyrrhenian sea, Coast of Capri, Photo credit: @frimufilms

Packing Essentials for Your Amalfi Coast Adventure

​​Packing for a yacht charter vacation to the Amalfi Coast requires a balance of style and practicality, with an emphasis on fashionable flair. Lightweight and breathable clothing is ideal for warm weather, with linen as the main material for a Mediterranean summer.

Choose a mix of casual and semi-formal outfits for dining out, from summer dresses of all lengths to dress up and down for the ladies and linen shirts, shorts, and trousers for men. Remember comfortable walking shoes for exploring hilly terrain, while flat, comfortable, and supportive sandals are a great way to maneuver the cobblestone streets and steps. Pack your beachwear for swimming and sunbathing, especially sun protection, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat, while a compact backpack is handy for day trips. Depending on when you’re traveling, a light sweater or jacket is great for those early mornings or late evenings onboard.

Top Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a culinary haven, offering an array of restaurants that combine breathtaking views with exceptional cuisine. But how do you choose the best dining experiences on your luxury yacht charter?

Michelin starred restaurant Glicine in Amalfi is a tried and true favorite located on the terrace of Hotel Santa Caterina. But the setting isn’t the only spectacular thing. Chef Giuseppe Stanzione whips up modern Mediterranean dishes born from his native Campania. This is your spot if you want to indulge in decadent flavors, from oysters, foie gras, and truffles to Amalfi lemons and local seafood. Lido Azzurro is also a go-to for Amalfi locals, with a terrace view over the town’s port. Seafood and the catch of the day are standard here, with seafood pasta, salad, and risotto the kings of this menu.

Glicine - Michelin starred restaurant, Photo credit: Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi

Moving from Amalfi to Ravello is Cumpa Cosimo, a rustic, family-run locale that has been operating for over 80 years. If you’re looking for an authentic and hearty Italian meal, from pasta to meat dishes and housemade desserts, you’ll want to grab a seat here. Did we mention that this was Jackie Kennedy’s hideout spot, too?

If you’re in Positano, you can’t miss La Sponda at the Le Sirenuse Hotel. Those searching for a romantic setting should look no further than the La Sponda’s terrace, where twinkling lights and mandolin music marry modern dishes based on the region's flavors. And in Sorrento, Trattoria da Emilia is one of the Amalfi Coast’s most popular restaurants. While there will likely be a queue to get in, you’ll have gnocchi with seafood to look forward to. You may even run into an Italian actor!

La Sponda Restaurant, Photo credit: Le Sirenuse Hotel

Cruising the Amalfi Coast is a breathtaking adventure immersed in local culture, stunning scenery, exquisite cuisine, luxury experiences, and unforgettable memories. An enchanting nautical journey you won’t want to miss.

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